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10 Minor Style Mistakes That Are Catastrophe

10 Minor Style Mistakes That Are Catastrophe

The is some small style mistakes that actually turned out to be not so small after all a tiny mistake can take your outfit from a 10 to a 2 real quick.

That is why we have today’s post, we’re gonna make sure that none of that happens to you guys, so today we are going over the 10 minor the very common style mistakes that I see men making all the time and I have a feeling that a lot of these are gonna surprise you guys.

1 – Wearing a full hypebeast outfit look

I totally understand the hype you know to get some of these limited pieces but you don’t need 20 supreme logos on your outfit to look good I promise you that, especially here in LA man I see so many guys just trying way too hard to go for this type B street style look and it’s not the way to go wearing designer things here and there is all good I love it until you overdo it though, a lot of times the better brand is the one that doesn’t use your body to advertise its logo, you can wear high fees sneakers you know go for something more subtle with the rest of your outfit though mix and match your outfit so that you don’t look like a billboard for all of these hyped up brands, because all they’re doing is advertising your logos on you.

2 – Searing pants that completely cover their shoes

Another mistake that’s so many guys make, and this one is just I see way too much of this guys wearing pants that completely cover their shoes, you’re spending all that cash on some nice kicks just to hide them with your sloppy long jeans what are you doing don’t let your jeans fold over your sneakers like you’re wearing your dad’s clothes, get pants that fit you and that won’t be too long on you, and you know what if you have short legs like I do then get your pants tailored you know a lot of these stores even offer free hams if you buy the jeans in store you actually want them to just touch the top of your low shoes or low top sneakers that’s exactly where they should am.

3 – Spending too much money on clothes

Especially with younger guys is spending all of their money on clothes way too much money that they don’t even have I get it, when you’re a teen you really you know you start carrying about the way you look the way you dress so it’s hard to hold back you want to look cool for your friends for that special lady at school but don’t break the bank trying to look good.

4 – Not trying new accessories

I always tell everyone here all of you guys to wear accessories and a lot of you guys do you know if they don’t want to watch and that’s an amazing start that’s a great start the thing is other guys are scared, to try anything else most of us are taught that this might be feminine or that accessories are for girls jewelry is for girls and if you’ve heard this before then you know what I’m talking about, but guys it’s almost 2020 don’t be scared to break out of your comfort zone, you know try some rings that you liked if you like how they feel how they look try them on keep them on you know throw some glasses on even if your eyesight is perfect it’s gonna elevate your look and you never know what’s gonna make you look awesome until you try it and see it for yourself.

5 – Forgetting to wear a belt

The most annoying thing in the world is leaving your house your get in the car right to feel good and then you get out of the car and you’re walking to the party or to work and then your pants just start to drop and you’re like I forgot my belt, but you got to keep pulling it up all the time your jeans are coming down and your behind is feeling a little breezy the world can see it it’s not good you guys can’t forget to wear a belt, if you don’t have one in your closet already I recommend getting one that is reversible so one size should be black the other side should be brown those are usually the best option just because you can have just one belt and it’s usually gonna do the trick for 99% of your outfits.

6 – Having a hairy back of the neck

The biggest pet peeves so if you have this you need to get it sorted right now get it fixed, if you have a hairy back of your neck get it sorted, you’re gonna have the coolest outfit ever but if you have your neck hair connecting your hairstyle to your back hair which you probably shouldn’t have anyway, then you have a problem it makes you look so sloppy dirty like you’re in need of a haircut and you don’t want to look like that, the hardest part about this is that you don’t see it back there it’s hard to know if it’s hairy or not right there out of your sight so you think you’re good until somebody mentions it and that is embarrassing don’t let that happen to you, I don’t care if you use your phone I got my phone right here like literally take a photo of it use a little video you know to use the mirror, if you want ask your friends sibling your mom it doesn’t matter ask them to help you out in between cuts.

7 – Wearing a backpack with a suit

If you’re rocking a suit you’re trying to be classy stylish and my man you cannot put a backpack on, I’m sorry but you’re gonna need a nicer bag to go with your clean look it’s a suit, imagine James Bond in his suit right it comes out in a supercar this perfect black suit he goes to the trunk pulls out a janky backpack throws it on before he walks to the next mission like I would lose all the respect that I have for that man and I respect your aims bond, a messenger bag is gonna look way better here it’s gonna actually add a classy detail to your suits to give you that awesome elevated look which is the opposite of what a backpack would do to your outfit.

8 – Baggy sweatpants out in public

Wearing sweat pants instead of joggers in public and there’s a difference, love joggers I got my joggers all the time in at home like out it doesn’t really matter I love being comfy looking good I think most of us do, but there’s a fine line between joggers and super baggy sweatpants that you need to avoid while out in public, I don’t care what you wear when you’re at home in your bedroom whatever it doesn’t really matter in your own time but if you’re thinking about heading out in public let’s put some effort here let’s look good boys.

9 – Not knowing how to wear a watch

There’s a watch for every outfit and I rarely get caught without a watch on my wrist, the thing is how are you wearing your watch does it go with your outfit where are you placing the watch on your wrist, first of all the correct placement of the watch is right above your wrist bone, is the most comfortable spot for the watch andit’s gonna give you the most flexibility on your wrist sometimes it slides down that’s fine but if you can choose a spot go with it, and when you’re choosing the right watch to match your outfit just use common sense guys don’t pull out your Apple watch if you’re wearing a suit it just doesn’t look good together, another watch mistake that I’m super guilty of actually is wearing huge watches I used to think that that was the point I like to wear big watch so that people could see it too far away like a mile away and I was so wrong you don’t need a huge watch a small nice classic simple watch would do much more for you.

10 – Wearing wrinkled Clothes

There are no more excuses for wrinkly clothes boys, the number one excuse for rika closes I have no time to iron or I don’t own an iron but today there are a few more options even some four on the go, first if you don’t want to use an iron that’s fine get a steamer steamers are the future man they’re so easy to use they’re cheap too like you go on Amazon you get them for super cheap and if you don’t have time to pull out the steamer the iron whatever then use a water bottle spray on-the-go the water loosens up the fabric and most of the wrinkles will just fade away.

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