7 Awesome Things To Do In Bergen, Norway | Travel To Norway Tips

7 Awesome Things To Do In Bergen, Norway | Travel To Norway Tips

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So today we’re gonna be taking a look at the city of Bergen, Norway. A place known for its beautiful landscape, expensive prices, and surprisingly it’s up-and-coming street art scene. So if you’re like me when I want to travel to Norway and started doing research I didn’t really know a lot of the history of Norway, so I imagined sort of a small fishing village nestled in the fjords.

But Bergen boasts a much bigger footprint than that it’s a major center for trade since 1028, and with a current population of 280,000. It’s widely known for its higher education, media, International shipping, routes, and tourism. The latter of which has exploded in the last few years. The more I learned the more I realized how many layers this city could have.

Before you planning a trip to Norway, here are my top 7 favorite ways to experience this city

The fish market

Fishing has been a major aspect of bergen’s economy for hundreds of years opening in 1280. Today the market consists of an indoor market which is open year-round and an outdoor market which is open during summer.

The market has gotten fairly touristy, so the prices will be a bit inflated that being said all the fish is insanely fresh and absolutely delicious so you end up not feeling too bad about paying a bit more.

You can pretty much pick any of the stalls because they also essentially the same stuff. But definitely wander around for a bit and check out the different stalls to see which has the freshest looking fish.

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The fjords

The biggest tourist attraction in Bergen and that is its fjords. And a fjord is basically a narrow body of water surrounded by huge jagged cliffs or mountains, that are created over thousands of years by melting glaciers.

And Norway has one of the largest concentrations of these in the world, it’s the kind of picture that you put on the postcard they’re just that iconic.

There are a ton of different fjords that you can travel to while in Bergen depending on how much time you have.

Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf

This was the old port of Bergen was the center of power for the Hanseatic League in the city.

For those of you who don’t know the Hanseatic League was a collective of German merchant guilds they came to dominate maritime trade for over three centuries, even though they weren’t considered a state they were the powerhouse of Europe during this time.

Today it’s a unesco world heritage site and has sprung to life dozens of arts and crafts shops.

However if you still want to find the unique authentic atmosphere of the Hanseatic period don’t be afraid to follow some of the narrower alleyways to the back of the buildings. It’ll get less touristy the farther back you go.

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Bergenhus fortress

The fortress of Bergen and the tower specifically was pretty interesting, just how I like my monuments with construction, they covered pretty much the entire fortresses history. Including a German ammunition ship blowing up the harbor that wounded like 3,000 people, and almost destroyed the entire fortress.

There’s also a dining hall which you have to pay extra to get access to. I’ve been sort of a huge dining hall King Arthur style kind of cool. But not really worth the extra money the fortress itself is actually still an active military post.

Mount floyan

Which is one of the most popular mountains to visit it gives you spectacular 360-degree views of the city. So natural there’s gonna be a lot of tourists.

There’s two options you can either hike up or you can take the funicular, which will take about eight minutes and cost you $125 million, explore some of the trails that start from there and then just walking back down depending on the hike you choose.

There is a restaurant up there but the prices of course as you can imagine are very high so I’d recommend stair and clear from that and bringing your own snacks and water and so forth.

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The staple of any international trip should be discovering the cultures food, which can tell you a lot about the people and the place that you’re going to.

Norway is no different traditional Norwegian cuisine is based largely on materials readily available. Which means the freshest of ingredients is the name of the game. The dishes aren’t necessarily complicated but it’s how you prepare that makes it special.

One of the classic dishes is called small brook, which is essentially an open-faced sandwich but they combine so many different unique ingredients that it makes it really special.

Of course as I’ve said before the diet is centred mostly on fish, so trying to eat as much.

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Street art

I’ve always been a huge proponent of street art because I think it gives character that’s unique to the city, and in many ways it’s reflective of the local culture.

Burton’s street art scene has been explosive with hundreds if not thousands of pieces covering its walls. There’s even a website Bergen street art where you can find the latest works and newest pieces.

Interestingly enough the famous Street artist Banksy actually made a visit here in 2000. Before he was well known and completed eight pieces.

Many of which had been covered up by the city. Not knowing that later on they would sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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