7 Benefits Of Dating A Shy Guy | How To Date A Shy Guy!

7 Benefits Of Dating A Shy Guy

7 Benefits Of Dating A Shy Guy

Got a shy guy on your hands and not sure whether to pursue a relationship with him I’ve got seven reasons you should absolutely 100% lock this boy down right now, let’s face it at first glance dating a shy guy is a tough option to pursue a relationship with because he’s probably not going to approach you.

He’s probably not going to make that first move, and that’s actually really great news for you because that means that most other women will never put in the initial legwork to get to know him.

If they could only realize and understand that by you simply breaking the ice with him he’s going to crush it later on as your boyfriend, and he’s going to make you do very little from that point on, you have to unlock him and it’s after that point that you really start reaping the benefits of being with him.

Here is 7 benefits of dating a shy guy

High EQ

What’s EQ? what I’m talking about here is emotional intelligence and he’s got a lot of it.

When you date a shy guy he’s not gonna be that guy who’s oblivious to your feelings if anything he’s going to anticipate your feelings and your thoughts, and he’s gonna be supportive and completely in tune with you, he’ll be a shoulder to cry on but it’ll be done in a healthy and non codependent way.

You know when they talk about the strong silent type they’re talking about these shy guys.

Great listener

Once he begins getting comfortable with you he’s gonna start engaging an active listening with you, you’ll never feel like you’re talking to a brick wall with a shy guy.

He’s had a lot of time alone to think about a lot of things, and if you’re his girl he’s going to want to be in amazing resource for you, and provide you with everything you need from him.

Share a comfortable silence

We’ve all had a girlfriend or a boyfriend that felt compelled to fill silences with their words, they never wanted to have awkward moments so they would just talk all the time.

Sometimes we really need those comfortable silences with our partners, so that we can share space, connect, and build intimacy with them.

Cares about family

He wants your family to like him, it’s simply great when someone that were with puts effort into actually meeting our parents, and believe me he wants to nail this first meet and greet with them.

The shy guy will come out of his shell and make a sincere effort with your family members to build relationships with them. Because he knows it’s important to you and it’s also important to him.

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Shy guys typically haven’t been in too many relationships. And are super picky with the people that they spend time with.

So as your boyfriend he will honor that relationship all the way.


Once he understands your preferences and also your love language, and if you’re curious about love languages. He will adapt to your communication style and emotional state.

So he can turn you on at all the right moments in your relationship with him.

Good in bed

The shy guy doesn’t just get tuned in with your emotions and your mind. He gets in tune with your body once he becomes yours.

shy guys aim to please and keep you happy.

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