BTS collaborates with SIA and Troye Sivan in “Map of the Soul: 7”-Btsarmy

BTS collaborates with SIA and Troye Sivan in “Map of the Soul: 7”

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With BTS “Map of the soul: 7” album being unveiled here are all the major collaborators you need to know this time around.

On February 17th the global subset excited fans by not only revealing their track list but also great news that they would collaborate with global pop star SIA for their title song on, according to big HIT Entertainment BTS had reached out to see of themselves to request a collaboration which she was more than happy to accept.

The SIA collaboration will be a special digital-only release, and will not be featured on the physical copies of “Map of the soul: 7”.

This world-renowned Australian pop star is most famous for her songs “Chandelier” released in 2014, and SIA wasn’t the only global star that participated in BTS is upcoming album, Australian singer-songwriter Troye Sivan took to social media to reveal how he had co-written the new song louder than bombs, alongside his fellow pop star and frequent collaborator Allie X.

Sivan tweeted “very happy to have co-written louder than bombs, thanks for having me boys” Sivan is well known for his 2016 hit “Youth”.

Allie X also shared on her tweet “this is so surreal” upon sharing the news, Allie X is known for her popular 2017 songs paper “Love”.

American singer Leland who also rose to stardom with tracks like run into Hugh middle of a heartbreak and another lover also participated in co-writing louder than bombs.

Fans were surprised to see BTS collaborate with this Golden Globes nominated artist and songwriter.

BTS has had a grand history of collaborating with globally sensational stars like Halsey, ed Sheeran, and Nicki Minaj.

As of now many are in high anticipation to hear how the septet work together with these world scale seniors for their newest album.

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