Do This For 7 Days To Heal Your Body And Mind-Things you need to know

Do This For 7 Days To Heal Your Body And Mind

Do This For 7 Days To Heal Your Body And Mind

you can change your gene expression in four days genes that suppress cancer growth and tumors genes for oxidative balance at any age for very common things.

Connect to intelligence that lived within the mat outside of you

First things that most people believed that there was an intelligence that lived within the mat outside of them that that was a resource if they could connect to it just like I did in begin to allow it to help them heal it would be important there’s nothing mystical about this intelligence some people had a religious take on it some people just a spiritual take some people were just pragmatists that they just trusted you know the whole way.

Be responsible for your own health

The second thing was that on some level they thought that they had contributed or they were responsible for their own health pages that the ten years of living in stress living in stresses living in survival as stress as you know knocks the brain body out of balance so and it’s a scientific fact that the long-term effects of the harmless of stress down regulate genes and create disease people spend 70% of their life living in survival stress and no organism can live an emergency mode for that amount of time certain emotions that we feel when we react to people are conditions in our lives that emergency State the arousal of the brain body drives us to delivery primitives behaviors and they became him aware that they had to stop being that person it’s a very important thing they had to break the habit of being himself and that’s significant because they’re not relying on now any drug even though they’re treating with a drug or a treatment or surgery that there all of a sudden taking more responsibility of paying attention to how they think noticing how they act or how they speak or looking at how they feel and stop blaming somebody from 20 years ago they just decided that they had to make the changes so they had to break that habit of being themselves.

The thinking well

Third thing I thought was so fascinating was that they had to reinvent themselves and they started thinking well good if I had a chance another chance was a shot at life who would I be and there’s this concept in neuroscience called mental rehearsal and when you close your eyes and you plan an action or you rehearse mentally what you’re about to do if you’re truly present the brain doesn’t know the difference between what’s going on out there and what’s going on in here that the imagery that you’re creating the brain captures as an experience so then the experience begins to enrich the brain so they over time began to install the neurological hardware in their brain the platform of who they would become and as I started doing that and they started overcoming fear or anger hostility or pain or suffering it’s aren’t getting happy and they started feeling these heartfelt emotions freedom and gratitude for no reason and that I think that when they started feeling that feeling independent of what was going on in their life in other words they weren’t waiting further healing to happen so they could feel grateful gratitude is the ultimate state of we see they only when you receive something where you’ve just received something or something’s happening to you something’s happened to you feel gratitude you say thank you well the body as the unconscious mind it doesn’t know the difference between experience that creates an emotion an emotion that you’re fabricating by thought alone so the body starts to feel gratitude it’s believing it’s in the actual experience of being healed and the research shows Christa the environment signals the gene the end product of an experience in the environment is an emotion so then you can signal genes ahead of the environment if you begin to embrace emotions before the experience and genes begin to make proteins and proteins give you the expression of life this is a time in history where it’s not enough to know this is time in history Wow when people start scratching their head and saying you mean my genes don’t create disease and you can save them less than 1% of the people on the planet are born with a genetic condition the other 99 to 95 percent of lifestyle behaviors if you want to have people become reliant on something outside of them to take away what’s going on inside of them you’ll advertise people will say I need this drug I need something outside of me to change my internal states that’s profits that’s money so it’s a crazy thing when people start I mean evidence is the loudest voice we have studies to show that you can change your gene expression in four days genes that suppress cancer growth and tumors genes to grow new neurons in the brain not just new connections but new neurons genes for oxidative balance at any age.

Make different choices do different things create new experiences

we randomly selected a group of people and we had them think differently make different choices do different things create new experiences and feel new emotions for days they regulated eight genes in common that literally would change their health your body is a protein producing machine are like Christmas tree lights they’re switching on and off all the time and when they switch on they up regulate and they make a healthy protein when they switch off they down regulate and they make a cheaper protein so then if you are thinking the same way making the same choices doing the exact same things in routine than the same habits doing the same things that create the same experiences that create the same feelings got the same genes turned on and the other genes turned off then Christmas tree lights on the other ones off now you’re headed for a genetic destiny we don’t see things how they are we see things how we are and if you don’t know that you have control over your genes then it never crosses your mind so then the other part of that is when a person is living by the same feeling in the same emotion every single day and those emotions are influencing and they can’t think greater than how they feel or they can’t act greater than how they feel and feelings and emotions are a record of the past they’re in a program of the past right so the body again now is believing it’s in the same past experience 24 hours a day seven days a week and now you’re down regulating a gene so then if you have a propensity for Alzheimer’s if you have propensity for heart disease if your family is frenzied for cancer or also of colitis or MS or whatever then of course it makes sense then that if you’re living in the reactions of fear and anger and hostility and envy jealous resentment pain and suffering it’s those very emotions that select and instructions so then a person who’s living reacting to the same people in the same way same circumstances in the same way they keep knocking on the same genetic door and so sooner or later once that gene is signaled now all of a sudden the cell is programmed to begin to make a cheaper protein so the question is can you reverse that process well if it took you five years to create the health condition you may have to work a little bit to reverse it but yet we’re getting so good at measuring and being able to teach people how to do this that it’s not uncommon that we see people have a complete remission of a health condition in one week in a week-long workshop that we have because I understand them they’re going to be the governor or the the ruler of their own thoughts and feelings and they’ll go through a period where they feel really uncomfortable that’s because you’re in the midst of change but they’re willing to do it as long as they understand that if they keep changing the way they think act and feel there should be biological changes that take place in the body and that’s exactly what we see.

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