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Fulfill Your Purpose And Stay Strong Till The End

Fulfill Your Purpose And Stay Strong Till The End

if I were the enemy I would keep you so full of pain and stress and bitterness and unforgiveness earthen constants from releasing the prosperity this down is happening your prosperity is a reflection of your inside he says listen Edward I wish above all things that you prosper and be in good health as your soul does prosper.

you cannot have a whirlwind in your soul and not have hypertension in your body you cannot leave the stress and anger and hostility and be creative when you need to be creative because what’s ever inside of you that’s what’s gonna come out so as Jesus they said to us how many tabs are we supposed to forgiveand Jesus said seven times because I associate that kind of forgiveness with weakness I say if you are forgiven technically they all run all over top.

I thought my unforgiveness was a defense

sometimes are used to better punishment I know forgive you too you do right buddy I never knew that forgiveness is a gift you give yourself I never realized that to not forgive you doesn’t hurt you it hurts me and for me to use unforgiveness on you is like me drinking poison waiting on you to die anyway a murmur and complain and grumble you gotta stuff that up with it and his protection lifted the Serpent’s got into the camp and bit them and 23,000 people fell dead in one day – your plaything yes I’m glad I live in the dispensation of grace – but grace is not an excuse to live a sloppy life and think we’re gonna get by with it grace forgives us.

We have to have a mindset to overcome

and after twenty three thousand of nine they looked at Moses and said we have seen what a revelation and here in first Corinthians it says that that these scriptures are recorded again what happened back to the Old Testament is recorded here again for the New Covenant believers so we don’t make the same mistakes that they did.

Complaining is a huge problem

if you will just get a mindset to be thankful and we have to work at night to work at it every single day of my life there’s probably 20 things that come up every day that I could complain about and sometimes I still do it but thank God I have come a long way I may have a way to go but I’m thank God I’m not where I used to be.

Church people act like they have no unforgiveness

church people I’d like to have more forgiveness but let me help you locate this unforgiveness whoever is in your life that when they come in the room they can change your mood, that’s unforgiveness. when you see them they can disrupt your attitude that’s unforgiveness whoever can come in and disrupt your peace has become your master.

We can’t live in the regrets of the past

regret will just suck all the life right out of you dread will suck all the life right out of you you have to learn how to live now now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen the only time that we know that we have is right now yesterday is gone I can’t get that back Jesus didn’t say I am the great I was.

tomorrow’s not here yet I don’t know what’s gonna happen in Jesus didn’t say I am the great I will be but I do have today and he did say I am the great I am amen don’t ever think I can’t get over my past the Israelites were murmuring and complaining and murmuring and complaining and they wanted a everything was Moses his fault he God’s fault they wonder run back page elated like the manna and they didn’t have any water never mind that God parted the Red Sea never mind the guns round all their enemies in the sea they forgot the song they sang never mind the water came out of the rock and the miracle bread came out of the sky never mind all that.

We forget what we should remember

amen some of the stuff we have on our mind we ought to forget all about it because it’s useless nonsense don’t sit around and think about when I’ve been every bite you get to be I mean years ago when Dave and I first got married we would get into some kind of a little argument over something and I’d start bringing up everything from day one and he looked at me one day he said where do you keep all that stuff where do you keep all that well see that’s proof in itself that we haven’t forgiven the Bible says love takes no account well I was a good accountant I had a list of it all and that was stuff I needed to forget I needed to remember the good things and let go of the bad things.

Take control over your inside

those faces are praying before you right now as a sign that these are areas in your life where Christ is not lord their Lord because when they walk in the room they take control over your inside I think that’s too much power to give to somebody else I think that’s too much power to give to somebody else with it the angle we’re not forbidden from being angry is good I spent a chapter the book talked about anger anger is good at say anger is good we’re commanded to be angry I’m not trying to turn everybody anger is good in fact you’re commanded to bounce it be that’s it so then the difference between anger and said he said be angry God told you to be angry look at somebody thought.

Be angry because anger stirs your glands

but then he says don’t let the Sun go down on your wrath he said I need you to be angry because anger stirs your glands your adrenaline glanced or fight and flight mechanism I give you the anger and the protection so that you can have the sensitivity to deal with issue you need anger so you can define parameters and let people know you going to offer parameters you need people that’s what that’s what animals do to control the death you.

Control your parameters

when English stays in you it becomes destructive because the Bible said anger rested in the bosom of fools so it’s alright to have it but when it stays it becomes a cancer that is eating up your energy and your creativity and your vibrance and your happiness and your peace restive in the bosom of fools it affects your finances because you can’t be creative because if you’re gonna stay angry you have to keep putting energy in it to maintain it that’s why you keep bringing it up because anger has to eat and you have to feed it with your thoughts and your mouth what you don’t understand is all the while you’re feeding in you’re not feeding your dreams you’re not feeding your destiny you’re not feeding your creativity you’re not feeding your purpose and the enemy is distracting you with all of that drama distorting your personality changing who you are locking you out of the still waters that God has for you and stopping you from giving birth to your next creative concept that would open up the windows of heaven and pour down a blessing in your life he’s robbing you. you think you’re doing it because you’re strong and you’re smart and all while he’s robbing you of the days you got left of the tops you got left of the energy you’ve got left of the next thought that you could think you one thought away from millions of dollars you are one thought away from the cure of AIDS  you are one thought away at earning your entire life around but you don’t have any energy to put into that because you’re putting your energy into unforgiveness anger frustration defending yourself against somebody who doesn’t even care.

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