How To Make Homemade Hand Sanitizer With Rubbing Alcohol Alternative

How To Make A Homemade Hand Sanitizer With Rubbing Alcohol Alternative


Today post about a product that’s on everybody’s mind hand sanitizer, these little products (Purell) have been flying off the shelves in most areas of the United States, they’re almost impossible to find.

There have been some recipes proposed online for folks that say you can use a little bit of glycerin mixed with some rubbing alcohol to create a solution that is very similar to these hand sanitizer products.

Works just as well and that’s fantastic until you go to the store and you realize that they’re all out of rubbing alcohol, because everyone’s bought that up in an effort to get their hands on some antiseptic, so what’s left? how can you make yourself some hand sanitizer when you’re missing the key ingredient in hand sanitizer?

I’m gonna give you a solution right now to that problem, and that is we don’t have to use isopropanol which is in rubbing alcohol, there is another alcohol that is equally effective in killing bacteria and many viruses, and that’s ethyl alcohol.

So you may ask yourself where am I gonna find ethyl alcohol strong enough to make a solution that’s at least 60% alcohol by volume.

They’ve been lots of videos out there on the internet that suggests that you could put just a typical bottle of tequila or vodka on your hands as a hand sanitizer those are patently false.

Those products are about 40% ethanol by volume and the problem is that you need at least 60% alcohol by volume for one of these products to be effective at killing bacteria and viruses on your hands.

So what you need to do is head down to your local store and purchase yourself one of grain alcohol.

Unlike most other spirits grain alcohol is distilled to be as pristine as possible just pure ethanol and water, that’s it. So ethyl alcohol and water and nothing else, no flavor components, no esters, no nothing, they aren’t barrel-aged they don’t have lots of other molecules in them giving them any particular type of flavoring.

The other thing you need to be sure when you’re buying your grain alcohol is that it’s 151-proof .

151-proof means that this product is 75.5% alcohol by volume, so this product is strong enough to actually kill bacteria and some viruses.

What we need to do is take our alcohol mixture whatever it is we’re able to get a hold off, we’re going to take about 50 milliliters of grain alcohol add about a milliliter of glycerin to it so that we don’t dry our hands out, and if we are interested in having maybe a little bit of essential oil to give it some fragrance, we can do that totally optional, and then simply put it in a little sprayer bottle, give it a shake and we have got hand sanitizer product exactly like the one that you can buy in the store.

Using these ingredients, I was able to make 15 bottles of sanitizer at a cost of less than 2 dollars per bottle.


50 mL of alcohol solution (ethanol or isopropanol – 70% alcohol or greater)

1 – 2 mL of glycerine (I recommend using a pipette)

a drop or two of essential oil (be sure your oil is recommended for topical use)

Even if you are using ethyl alcohol, the essential oils can also “denature” the alcohol, rendering it undrinkable.

Strong solutions of alcohols are flammable. Use extra caution around heat sources with any sanitizer, home-made or purchased!

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