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The Age Of Technology Revolution

The Age Of Technology Revolution

In this post I just want to talk about something that I’m really passionate about something that I’m deeply passionate and that is technology and the truth is we are living in the age of technology.

Beginning of the technological revolution

We’re really at the time the beginning of the technological revolution in the world, and technology has already completely revolutionized and changed the way that we live as human beings, like I said I’ve always been so passionate about technology ever since I was a little kid, always playing with computers and stuff like that I mean I have a huge circuit tattooed all the way down my arm so of course is something that I’m really passionate about, I’m also working towards a career in technology right now working on just getting my foot in the door in the IT field working with computers and and networks and all kinds of stuff like that, I already do a little bit at work at work 18t, so I work with cell phones and tablets and mobile devices and networks and stuff like that already, so it’s just something that I’m really you know passionate about really interested in, I’m using technology right now so it’s really my life is really really centered around technology.

Domination of smartphones

Is most of our lives nowadays with our smart phones, continuously streaming things on Netflix, watching things on our phones, playing games on Playstations and stuff like that, so like I said our lives are so centered around technology, are ready we use them in work in school and really pretty much every area of your life of our lives, we were living in the age of technology and it’s just so incredible to think about because so many people just take it for granted some people are just used to it like oh yeah I have a smartphone, I have a laptop, whatever I have a TV that’s normal life.

Unlimited information

The truth is it’s so incredible because if you think about it you pretty much have almost unlimited information at your fingertips, if you want to know anything, if you want to learn about anything, you can hop on your phone, hop on your computer, look at watch some YouTube videos, we can find entertainment and all kinds of other things through it as well, we can literally access pretty much infinite information through our technology and it’s just going to get more and more incredible as time goes on we’re moving into robotics and artificial intelligence, starting to become more and more prominent in our lifetimes, by the time we’re older we’re going to have incredible technology, not just regular technology but it’s going to completely innovate, every industry on the planet can innovate you know completely revolutionize healthcare and space travel and science and literally, like I said every area of our lives every area of the planet is gonna be completely revolutionized.

So I just want to kind of put that thought into your mind, just share my passion with technology with you guys and just like I said look down into the future to really think about how amazing technology is going to get, so I guess I just wanted to rant a little bit talk about that maybe get you excited a little bit about technology as well.

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