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The Secret! You’ll Thank Me Later

The Secret You’ll Thank Me Later

there is a mode of Prayer that was lost to the West a long time ago in you lives the ancient memory of a highly sophisticated vibratory technology that we call Prayer why was it lost in the first place how would our world be different this mode of Prayer transcends religion invite you to allow for the possibility that prayer has nothing to do with religion and religions were built around specific modes of prayer that prayer is a highly sophisticated vibratory technology that we embodied in the cells of our being and as we have the wisdom to collect and redirect the power within ourselves.

Healing our physical body

prayer clearly transcends simply healing our physical body we are offered in ancient traditions ancient texts and we hear modern accounts of prayer influencing the events of our external world as well the traditions of those who have come before us the oral traditions as well as the written traditions they point to this time in history they say that this is a rare moment this is an opportunity it’s a window that has opened up to us to redefine who we are in this world and to carry that new definition of who we believe we are across the membrane of time and space and experience were reminded through so many ancient textsand traditions that if not now if we are unprepared at this moment in history to empower ourselves with this inner technology.

Now then when would we ever?

the way the people of this time in history respond to the great challenges of their lives individually those individual responses provide the collective wisdom that determines how we evolved in the viewpoints of those who have come before us they seek great periods of catastrophe catastrophic destruction tremendous loss of life at this time in history that has been shared for so long many people are expecting to see that now what I’m offering today is the possibility that that scenario is simply that it is one possibility and we have a very good body of evidence now suggesting that there is another possibility that may come to fruition through our choices research within just the last four or five years has demonstrated that the choices we make in our lives day in and day out what we feel are the insignificant choices how we respond to the weight person that brings our food to us at lunch and how we address one another day in and day out in our lives those little insignificant experiences that’s us demonstrating our master each day in life individually collectively our mastery determines which reality we tune to just like a television station.

Messages of hope and possibility

some of the prophets and some of them are our ancient prophets some of them are very recent prophets perhaps one of the oldest prophecies for this time in history is found in a very mystical book of our Western Bible it’s a book entitled revelation and as you’ll see in just a few moments the revelation that we have today is essentially a Reader’s Digest condensed version of a much broader Aramaic text that includes the messages of hope and possibility as well as the messages of and destruction and in that possibility we have a memory of a greater possibility for this time in our history almost universally as we witness the things in this world that most often we would choose to change hunger illness sickness war catastrophic disasters the route that we have the opportunity to redefine is the ancient code of peace.

Peace is the key

if the Essenes reminded us of so eloquently peace they say in their writings is the key to all wisdom to all knowledge to all mystery to all life peace they invite us to seek peace and all that lives and all that we do and every word that we speak for peace they don’t say that love or that compassion or forgiveness peace is the key to all knowledge to all mystery into all life it’s in the presence of peace that we are able to have the compassion and to demonstrate the love on the deepest levels and we’re invited to seek the peace in everywhere and every experience in everything that we’ll ever know in our life because it’s always there even when it appears maybe at first that’s not and to look sometimes we’ve got to maybe turn over some stones and look around some corners to find it and once we find that little iota of peace that’s the anchor point from which we can expand into greater and greater expressions of peace so the power of peace isn’t it interesting that so much attention now is being focused on the power of peace in our world and if peace is ever going to become the reality that we choose now is the time and if we’re going to be in prayer why not pray from the most potent form of prayer that we have available to us from the fifth mode of prayer the mode that invites us to come from the place that what we’re choosing to have has already happened and in doing so we’re creating the template of that possibility and that’s what allows it to be real how is it that we have that feeling of peace in our world when sometimes we don’t see that what do we use as a reference if we’re choosing to have peace right now and we’re in the in the middle of a civil war somewhere in Africa or somewhere in Europe where do we find that peace in the essenes once again they remind us we come back them again again always have the brothers and sisters of light lived we’re rejoice the angels of the earthly mother near trees rivers near flowers near the music of the bird where the Sun in the rain embraced their bodies which is the temple of their spirit this is where we’re invited to go for our reference of peace

 Back to nature

once we find that peace in nature we have a feeling in our bodies sometimes it’s a feeling you don’t even recognize we often will take groups out into nature and something happens as people take those first few steps through the valve in they look at the lush green forests or the deep blue skies or the snow-capped mountains of 20,000 feet surrounding them the clarity of the glacial lakes they’ll take a deep breath and with that deep breath I see an expansion they begin to open up from within and that is them feeling that feeling of peace that nature gives them that’s why we’re drawn to go back into nature so frequently and the reverence that comes from that our time in nature is where we’re invited to create the reference of peace give it a name give that feeling a name bring it into our lives and now walk forth into a world where we may believe maybe peace doesn’t exist and call that feeling back to us once again a half piece whether or not we find it in the world around this fad is the beginning of a powerful technology very powerful technology invited to look to nature so perhaps the most effective prayer that we may offer at this time in our world if we choose to participate in this fifth mode of prayer is to simply feel the feelings to become that peace in our bodies that we choose to have in our world and in that peace we end the starvation we end the sickness we end the warfare we in the judgment between peoples of all worlds.

Ancient technology of imagination

so I’ll invite you to join me as we embrace the possibility of the fifth mode of prayer invite you to join me and participate in calling forth that part of us that ancient memory and the myths of our collective history that beckons to us to create the peace in our bodies and know that that peace is mirrored in the world around us a lost mode of prayer fifth mode of prayer rather than ask that this peace come to pass were invited to create the peace in our bodies through the ancient technology of imagination thought feeling and emotion.

Create the peace in your body

so if you’d like to close your eyes maybe take a deep breath feel the expansiveness that breath as you exhale and in this moment create the peace in your body that you choose to see feel and to experience in our world and in doing so know that it has already happened it’s already done on some level the moment you think feel and a moat to that peace you’ve planted the seed and it’s happened now your prayer becomes the opportunity to feel what it feels like in your world with a piece that you’ve created so take this piece feel it for our world in May we bring peace to all we give thanks for this opportunity to share together in creating this template of peace and then this becomes our lost mode our fifth mode of prayer.

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