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Top 10 Young-Adult Romance Book

Today post i’m going to share with you some of my favorite contemporary young-adult romances specifically. here are my top 10 young-adult romance book

By Your Side – Casey West

Casey West has so many contemporary romances, this one is a personal favorite though because it just is like this bookish romance and that is chefs kiss amazing.

In this book we follow autumn Collins and she ends up locked in a library for a weekend with Dax Miller, and Dax is this troubled teenager he’s not exactly who you would like to be locked in a library with, but like really it’s just the setting for romance, locked in a library like you know that something is gonna happen, so you delve further into this enemies two lovers sort of romance and watch their relationship develop and it is just uh it’s so cute.

But the entire book isn’t set in the library, there’s also the will their relationship lasts beyond the walls of the library and the romance of the library will it last that got very dramatic.

Honestly if you are looking for a quick weekend romance read, definitely check this one out.

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Her Royal Highness – Rachel Hawkins

This is a female-female romance between Millie and flora, flora is the princess of Scotland, and Millie is just an average everyday American teen who is going through a breakup, and she decides to cope with her breakup in the only way that you really can, which is by applying for a boarding school as far as possible away from her ex, and that ends up being in Scotland, she ends up getting a scholarship and she arrives in Scotland at this beautiful boarding school, only to find that she is rooming with princess flora the princess of Scotland.

But you don’t exactly hit it off because they are quite opposite, and flora is a little bit hard to get along with, but we have this enemies two lovers romance.

If you are looking for an adorable romance between two lovely characters, that features witty banter, opposites attract, enemies to lovers, this is the best for you

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Wanderlost – Jen Malone

The main character Aubrey, she was not expecting to go to Europe and she was not prepared to go to Europe at all but she ends up going to Europe.

Her sister was actually the one who was supposed to go on this trip to Europe, but her sister ends up getting in trouble and instead Aubry has to go in her place, but she’s not just going to have fun she’s going to lead this tour group of old people around Europe.

The tour company can’t know that she’s not her sister though, so she has to kind of tell some lies to be there and has to pretend to be her sister and that’s kind of made complicated by the fact that she starts falling for the tour company owner’s son.

The romance in this one was so cute and also the added element of the group of elderly people was just great everything about this was heartwarming an easy quick romantic read.

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Autoboyography – Christina Lauren

This is a male-male romance, the main character Tanner is bisexual and he has been out but then he moves to Utah in a place isn’t as accepting as where he used to live, so he has to go back into the closet which is obviously very difficult.

At his new school he decides to take this course where you write a novel it’s basically like NaNoWriMo except over school semesters so you have to write a novel over the course of the school course.

Sebastian is a Mormon prodigy who took this class in the past and he ended up actually selling the novel that he wrote so he’s mentoring the class, and when Tanner and Sebastian meet and end up falling in love, it’s a very complicated relationship but it is also just great.

This book is adorable and romantic but also makes you think a lot.

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To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before – Jenny Han

If you haven’t seen the movie or heard of this book why not you should change that too, it follows Lara Jean and her family and her really crazy love light, so Lara Jean is a hopeless romantic and she whenever she had a crush on a boy, she would write them this love letter and never send it, she would just seal it and put it away and then she would get over them that was her way to move on.

But at the beginning of this novel those letters end up getting sent to all of the people that she ever had a crush on or loved.

This book everything about it is adorable and once again just a heartwarming romance.

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Just One Day – Gayle Forman

This once set well traveling Europe so it follows Alison who is on a high school trip for her senior year, she’s done high school going into college but they go on this trip around Europe, and it is the tail end of her trip she is in England and she is going to this Shakespeare play and when she’s there she ends up meeting this Dutch boy named Willem, and they end up taking this whirlwind unexpected trip without really even knowing each other to Paris for a day and they spend that whole day together.

This book was fantastic and that travel romance has a special place in my heart.

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Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour – Morgan Matson

This is a romance that is set on a road trip going across America, Amy’s family is moving across the country and she is still dealing with the grief of the loss of her father, it’s still very fresh for her, he died in a car accident so she’s not comfortable driving anymore, but she has to get their car with some of their belongings across the country to where they are moving to, she has given a travel companion known as Roger, he is a family friend that she ends up developing a relationship with as, they take all sorts of detours on their way to her new home.

This book had a little bit of everything as far as romance goes, because there’s the character development and emotional development, but also the development of their relationship together, as they traveled across the country.

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Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell

This book follows Cath who was in her first year of college, so it’s a little bit on the older end of yaa, but half is on her own for the first time without her twin sister she expected them to go through college together as they’ve gone through everything together, but she ended up surprising her and being like nope I want to go on my own, Cath wasn’t exactly prepared for that, but she meets Levi who is one of the best book boyfriends he’s really great.

This book has a lot of emotional development for the characters as well as that romantic development, and watching their relationship progress was very interesting.

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Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda – becky albertalli

If you haven’t read the book or seen the movie this features a male-male romance, and it is an relationship that starts over email and then someone ends up blackmailing Simon into telling everyone that he’s gay, because no one knows that he’s gay, Simon isn’t out yet but he has developed this relationship via email and then when that person finds out they just end up being a terrible person and blackmailing him.

This book is a very layered romance, and you can’t help but root for the couple to end up together in the end.

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The Fault in Our Stars – John Green

This tragic iconic love story, it follows two teenagers who are both ill with cancer, and the relationship that unfolds between them.

It’s great honestly, if you haven’t read it I think it’s definitely worth the read.

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