Top 15 Hot Candidates Of Miss Universe 2019 | Continental Group

Top 15 Hot Candidates Of Miss Universe 2019

Top 15 Hot Candidates Of Miss Universe 2019

Top 15 candidates of Miss Universe 2019 based on Continental group the upcoming Miss Universe 2019 will be not just a regular Miss Universe pageant it might be the Olympic game of combined beauty wisdom and heart I’m expecting a spectacular show because there’s many stunners that will show and express everything they have in one night, from 40 finalists that have confirmed we have selected 15 stunning candidates based on Continental group, from the Americas Europe and Africa and Asia Pacific, from each group there’s only five spot.

1 – Sofia Aragon

They are from the Americas group the five spot belongs to Mexico, Sofia Aragon what a beautiful winner from Mexico, Sofia is not just the beauty she’s smart and confident, she is a very strong contender like I said she is beyond beauty, she can speak three languages when she talks she talked like a professional she knows what to say and how to express and deliver her message, she will definitely make Miss Universe 2019 very warm on fire from preliminary to final, she is the best strong contender from the Americas group to win Miss Universe crown.

2 – Gabriela tafur

Colombia seems to be going for a very generic look on their contestants in the last five years, and this year Gabriela has the full package that reminds me Gabriela Isler mixed with paulina vega she brings this combination class and freshness beauty, she has a perfect catwalk amazing body and of course as a lawyer she’s a good speaker, she’s so gorgeous and I think she’s one to beat in this 2019 batch, she can be the third Miss Universe from Colombia I am rooting for her.

3 – Chesley Kriss

United States is a big deal in the upcoming Miss Universe 2019, the curly haired girls is so freakin cute, for me she’s an entire package with intelligence beauty and fitness the overall vibe of goodness in her cannot be denied, I think she might just surprise us in Miss Universe and win the whole thing.

4 – Madison Anderson

This girl will rock the universe stage through her puerto rico has high chances of winning their 6th Miss Universe title or at least being in the top five, she may not fluent in Spanish but in my heart I know she can express her thoughts in English and that to me is enough, she has strong personality on stage as a pageant veteran, I like the way she handled the situation question and answer with confidences, for Puerto Rican you should proud of her.

5 – Julia Horta

For sure brazil is my favorite this year, she’s truly gorgeous a strong contender from America’s region, talked about her advocacy Julie is currently raising the flag of sorority, her main causes to inspire woman to celebrate each other and lift each other up instead of dragging each other down, she has been traveling through the country and giving speeches to different groups and audiences to influence them positively and encourage them and coaching them to overcome their struggles, with strong advocacy I believe she will be on top three for sure.

6 – Cindy marina

The Europe group the five girls we have selected art we have Albania Cindy marina, I love Albania this year she really a strong contender I think she’s the one to beat from Europe continent, she is so flawlessly beautiful and deserves to be in the top ten at Miss Universe and also stands a great chance of winning the first Miss Universe title for Albania.

7 – Alina Sanko

Every year Russia crown a stunning beautiful and sweet girl but always failed to enter the semies in the past few years at Miss Universe, I still hope they can make the cut this year whether I am not sure where she will compete this year between Miss Universe or Miss World pageant, but if she competes at Miss Universe then she’s one of the best contestants from Europe region.

8 – Emma Jenkins

She is a stunner as well she ever competed at Miss World 2015, she represented Wales at that year with such kind of experience I won’t be surprised if Great Britain continues its strike at Miss Universe, other than that she’s a smart girl and as a television presenter of course she speaks English so perfect, I think she has tremendous potential she’s such a threat as can be seen from her interview it’s clearly she is surely will make the cut from Europe group.

9 – Sharon Pieksma

She’s very beautiful and upgrade from last year, one of Europe’s best Netherlands is definitely back on the game she has a great body she also has participated in the sixth cycle of Holland’s Next Top model at the age of 18 where she became a finalist, she ultimately placed 12th in the competition, the way she speaks very pageant good choice for the Netherlands this year.

10 – Milena Saduwska

Is really pretty she has the qualifications that muo is looking for, she’s lost student wanting to pursue a master’s degree and can speak English, after Poland have placed in last year entering top 20, I think this girl can give Poland another placement in Miss Universe.

11 – Marie Esther

That skin tone oh my gorgeous, what a black beauty she is definitely one of the Africa’s strong contenders so far, I love her recent photos she’s also very well spoken and has a spark I know she can do it all eyes on her I see a big chance for sierra leone’s to place at top 16 and got a spot.

12 – Pradeepta  Adhikari

I see another placement for Nepal through the asia pacific region she speaks really good fluent secure and has a charisma, I was happy when the country made the top 10 in last year competition through Moneta deaf coda, her successor has big shoes to fill in as I said Pradeep des has amazing speaking skills she has the ability to connect with people easily and has at South Asia aura that I love, wishing the best for her in her country.

13 – Frederica Alexis

I can say she is one of the strongest contender at Miss Universe 2019, she’s beautiful smart and humble for me she’s so far the most competitive Indonesia’s representatives has ever sent, the way she speak is very spontaneous shows her intelligent with such a great communication skills I hope through her Indonesia will slay the swimsuit and evening gown competitions this year, if she can make it to the top five then I believe she will slay the question-and-answer portion easily all the way to bag the Miss Universe crowd.

14 – Gasini Ganadus

She’s like an exotic goddess her beauty as genuine has an international look fierce and stunning a woman of substance, her communication skill is very natural and this is what Miss Universe looking for a girl who’s kind genuine with beauty, for me she has that universe factor a back-to-back is possible for Philippines this year through her.

15 – Paweensuda Drouin

I really admire miss Thailand this year, for me she is Miss Universe 2019 because she got what it takes to be the next Miss Universe, she is very observant she knows how to listen and most especially, she’s really a good person in and out, the way she speaks her gestures the tone of her voice the way she communicate it really shows how respectful she is, I believe is a hard-working woman not only for the crown and glory of her country but she has a voice and inspiration for other women.

If I were a judge I will choose a girl not only good in communication skills good in styling a girl with so many advocacies, but most especially a girl who possess a good and authentic heart who knows the word respect and love for others and that is something that cannot be taken away from fossae.

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