Trick That Make Women Want You | Dating Advice!

Trick That Make Women Want You | Dating Advice

Trick That Make Women Want You

I want to give you something that has been working very well for me and it will help you to if you use it. This trick is to make women want you badly.

It will help you to basically create real sexual tension in the conversation of the girl, it will help you to turn women on.

It has to do with a really big principle in terms of the turning women on and creating sexual tension.


Non-compliance is a crucial principle that you need when you want to attract women. You need to show that you are independent that you are not there just to comply with everything that she expects.

Not complying with our expectations but also not with what she wants you to do, and very often the second you start to throw in some non-compliance into the interaction, whether that be verbally or physically things happen sparks fly, women go a little bit crazy for you.

This technique that I want to share with you is one of the easiest ways of doing this and having fun in the process, and literally when I’ve done this with women in the past when I’m demonstrating it with a friend of mine, she basically got all giggly and girly and you know couldn’t contain herself.

This is what happens sometimes with girls, they’re just kind of get locked onto you, and they’re just kind of wanna sometimes bite you it’s a bit like that in a good way not like Dracula or like a wild tiger would bite you.

Non-compliance is something that you want to get your head around.

You’re not on a job interview where you have to answer every question honestly and to the full extent of what the answer requires. you’re here to attract a girl.

When she asks you a question like “what do you do for a living?” or any other such slightly boring question that sometimes people feel compelled to ask on a date, if you were just genuinely compliant you would answer “Well I am a software engineer at IBM, and I’m doing this in this, and my job is this blah blah blah.”

Instead you can bust a balls basically for asking poor question at the same time as having a lot of fun, and at the same time as creating massive amounts of sexual tension, and turning her on by non-complying with her question and give a different answer.

Counter question

If she asked you “What do you do for a living?” if you ask a counter question it might go something like this “What’s it worth to you to know that information” oh what’s it to you.

Now what happens at that point, you might think that sounds really offensive difficult, or like you want to fight with her if you do it with a smile, if you do it in a playful context or even if you do it without a smile for a moment and then look at her.

You’re creating a tension between the two of you, you’re creating the idea that you are not complying with her in a completely playful fun way.

Now she has something to work with, now you’re sparring with each other, dates are not about exchanging information, the main thing of a date is to explore the tension between the two of you to create some sexual tension.

To turn her on, to make her want you, don’t always answer every question a girl asks you, sometimes you might want to throw in a counter question, sometimes you want to do some other things.

I’ll give you far more ways of dealing with questions. You can also do this over text just don’t always comply find ways of being non compliant and play with what she expects, and then do something different.

You want to think of this as a boxing match in some way it’s a little sparring that you’re doing, and any conversation with a girl should be sparring or next level lot you want to think of it as foreplay if this sounds like a fun thing to do.

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