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Why Sport Is Important In Education

Why Sport Is Important In Education

Education is an extremely important word when I said education a thought an initial primary feeling went through your minds what was that thought was it math science English let me ask you another question how many thought sports? how many thought physical education almost none? do you think that sports are part of education or do you think it’s for the athletes the professionals it should be limited to a pastime or a hobby? why shouldn’t sports be a part of Education?.

Conventional education

Did you know that only 2% of high schools in the United States offer physical activity every day or its equivalent, at a czar were lucky to share the same as that 2%, conventional education includes sitting and schedules classrooms and desks because that’s where people learn right, what if I told you that you can learn as much if not more from sports and from a conventional education, there’s a reason that colleges and universities look for sports on your applications, because they teach, I used to procrastinate a lot homework and projects were motivated only by what I call LMB or last-minute panic.


When I joined my swim team the mantarays my evenings were taken away from me not to be replaced with practice, I no longer had leisure to do nothing all day and my work at the last second I learned to do my work early on time and well, looking back I realized I stop procrastinating just by joining the team, I also learned perseverance when I submit a project or a test I always think is this my best work, did I make the most of my time and how can I improve this thought process came from swimming, if I miss the time at a swim meet I would always reflect on my race and see what was lacking, was in my technique my aggression my stamina this thought process of reflection applies to my studies and they go through this mental procedure every time I submit something important, I also learned resilience if I’m stretched out and doing too many things I learned to snap back to what matters and prioritize my work most importantly I learned that not every effort results in victory and sometimes victory can be achieved without a lot of effort, these are just small snapshot of how one sport helped me mentally.


I learned to respect not only others but myself my body days are physically stressful especially after an after-school sport and swim, I realized that my body was not getting the nutrition it needed on daily basis I started making better choices where ice cream was replaced with apples and cookies were replaced with protein my body was getting the nutrition it needed now and I make those daily choices on a habitual basis, I play a lot of sports competitively for fun as a hobby one of them is bad I realize that the more I play badminton the better I get at shooting a basketball throwing a frisbee at serving a tennis ball because of playing badminton my overall motor skills developed this is how one sport not only helped me mentally but it also helped while other sports, in fact every professional athlete plays one supporting sport to build their muscles sports have taught me so much the experiences that I’ve gained, playing sports have built until I process my own perception of the world from them can you tell me now that sports are not an integral part of our education as children childhood obesity has tripled in the last 30 years.

If a child is exposed to sport at a young age they play it develop a passion for it and grow at it, I assure you that childhood obesity wouldn’t be half the problem that it is today, I want you to imagine a coin that coin is on the ground and you can only see one side of it that side is a conventional education, your job is to put that coin on its side so you can see the other side of it, which is sports, sports teach as much as anything else and it’s about time that we acknowledge it.

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