Does Your Cat Talk? The Language Of The Cat

Does Your Cat Talk? The Language Of The Cat

Do cats talk? Indeed, they sometimes give the impression that they do, especially when they are between congeners and exchange vocalizations. Are our feline friends endowed with a verbal language, a little like ours? One could ask the question.

Like all social animals, cats have developed their own communication tools. But are they able to speak for all that?

    These cats that "talk": what about them?

    Feline owner or not, everyone has had, at least once in their lives, the opportunity to attend a "discussion" between cats. The scene sometimes seems surreal, so much so that the voices adopted by the animals at that moment become unusual and even resemble those of humans.

    So much so that these talkative cats give the impression that they are talking the way we do. This feeling that it arouses in us is all the more marked as the cats exchange lines while looking at each other. All the ingredients of the conversation as we conceive it are present and lead us to believe that it is indeed one that takes place between 2 cats.

    Nevertheless, no scientific study has shown, so far, that cats have this ability to speak. They do communicate, but they are not gifted with speech in the sense that we know.

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    Better understand the cat's communication

    Whether they talk or not, cats exchange information in their own way. They have a number of ways to communicate that they use depending on the situation.

    The most common are, of course, meowing, the distinctive cries of the species, but also body language elements and purring. It is important to learn to decipher the main codes in order to better understand your cat and thus ensure the best possible relationship with the animal.

    The meows

    The cat's meows come in a wide variety of forms. Depending on what the animal is trying to express and the situation in which it finds itself, it will adopt different intonations, frequencies, lengths and intensities of mewing.

    The cat meows, for example, when he has a need to express: he wants to go out, he is hungry... He also does it when he asks for attention and affection. We also see meows of joy at the time of reunion in the evening. The animal also makes its cry because it is annoyed or frustrated, if a prey or a coveted object is out of reach, for example. Meows also occur in case of conflict or during heat, when the cat wants to show that she is ready to mate.

    It is in these various ways that the cat "speaks".

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    Body language

    The cat also uses its body to express itself. The body language is made up of postures and gestures that are specific to the cat and that every owner is invited to understand.

    For example, when it is happy and relaxed, the cat may start rolling on the floor or rubbing itself against its owner's legs.

    If, on the other hand, it is under stress or on the alert, it keeps its eyes open, its pupils dilated and its ears become very mobile.

    The cat therefore also talks with its body.

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    The purring

    Most of the time, the cat's purring expresses its pleasure and well-being, but it can also reflect other less positive feelings.

    The feline thus starts to purr when faced with a tense situation, trying to defuse it. Purring is also sometimes emitted when the cat is scared or stressed.

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    6 Tips To Improve The Cohabitation Between Your Cat And Your Dog

    6 Tips To Improve The Cohabitation Between Your Cat And Your Dog

    How to improve the cohabitation between a cat and a dog within the same family?
    Cats and dogs have the reputation of not getting along. However, in many households, canids and felines live in perfect symbiosis and almost never come into conflict. Of course, the cohabitation between cat and dog is generally better than the animals were used to living together very early on. Nevertheless, even with adults, it is possible to make them tolerate each other and, why not, become friends.

    Other important factors come into play, such as the education of the cat and the dog, their socialization and their respective character traits. You must therefore adapt to these specificities and find the right way to encourage closer relationships.

    Here are 6 tips that could help you do so.

      Prepare your cat for the meeting

      A harmonious cohabitation between cat and dog requires the preparation of both parts. Each must understand that the other is neither a threat nor a prey to hunt. Generally, the cat is the one who is the most afraid when he has to meet a dog, even if there are exceptions.

      So, if you have a cat and you are about to introduce him to a dog, help him integrate the idea that the dog is not his enemy. If you have the opportunity to introduce your cat to other dogs before your own, take the opportunity to get your cat used to the presence of the other species. Caress your cat while it observes the dog from a distance and don't hesitate to give it a treat as a reward. The goal is for him to associate the event with a positive feeling.

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      Prepare your dog as well

      The dog must also be prepared to meet a cat. Here again, positive education, through rewards, generally leads to satisfactory results.

      The dog must understand that the cat is not there to be chased or mistreated. As with all training, reward him every time he behaves well with the cat. Caress it, talk to it in a playful tone, offer it a treat or hand it its favourite toy. With work, time and patience, he will associate his good behavior towards the cat with something pleasant.

      Manage the encounter

      Get used to each other's scent. You can, for example, introduce your dog to the cat's blanket and vice versa, giving him time to sniff it before they meet.

      Also make sure that both the cat and the dog have the opportunity to move away or even run away if they get scared. Forcing them to meet each other and locking them up makes it a traumatic experience for both of them.

      It is also possible to use soothing pheromones if you feel your cat is tense in the presence of the dog.

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      Provide a high-rise shelter for the cat

      Your cat must be able to have a high place, both during introductions and later, during the actual living together. Cat trees, shelves, wall or hanging platforms... It doesn't matter, as long as the cat is sure it will be out of reach of the dog.

      The goal for the cat is that its high shelter serves as a place of escape, rest and observation at the same time. This will give the cat plenty of time to look at the dog and to understand that, in the end, it represents no threat to the dog.

      Respect each person's habits and separate resources.

      Cat and dog are 2 territorial animals. Each needs its own space for resting, eating and hygiene (litter box for the cat). You must therefore ensure that neither party encroaches on the other's territory. Separate their resources to make each one understand that they have nothing to fear from the other for them.

      Bedding and toys should also be separated. But over time, if the arrangement is worked out, the cat and dog may be able to sleep together or even share toys.

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      Giving everyone their share of attention

      Give everyone the attention and tenderness they are entitled to expect from you. Don't "cheat" by favouring one or the other. Cats and dogs are very sensitive to this. If one of them has the feeling that you are abandoning one in favour of the other, this will only create a climate of mistrust towards the other or reinforce it if it is already in place. Treat them equally in terms of time, games and hugs.

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      How To Remove Limescale From Glass

      How To Remove Limescale From Glass

      How to remove limescale? Sometimes routine glass cleaning is not enough to remove water or limescale stains on a window or glass pane or the glass walls of the shower. Limescale stains are very resistant on glass.  Simple tips for removing water stains and lime deposits to make the glass shine.

        How to remove limescale from glass

        Rain or shower water may leave scale stains on the windows, very ingrained, resistant to all products.

        12 tips to remove lime scale stains on the glass

        1 - Acetone

        With the window wide open, clean with an acetone-impregnated cloth, but only as a last resort, if all other solutions have failed.

        2 - Citric acid

        With your hands protected by household gloves, clean the glass with a cloth impregnated with a solution of one liter of hot water and 4 tablespoons of citric acid.

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        3 - Household alcohol

        Clean with newspaper soaked in household alcohol.

        4 - Blanc de Meudon/water/alcohol

        Apply a paste with 1/3 of blanc de Meudon or Spanish white, 1/3 of water and 1/3 of methylated spirits.

        When the paste is dry, rub with a microfiber cloth.

        5 - WC descaler

        Spray with descaling toilet cleaner, remembering to protect your hands with household gloves, then clean with a cloth.

        6 - Hot water / vinegar / salt  

        Remove tartar that clogs the windows with a cloth largely soaked in a mixture of one liter of hot water, a glass of white vinegar and a handful of salt.

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        7 - Rinsing liquid

        Spray the dishwasher rinse and then clean with a microfibre cloth.

        8 - Newsprint and vinegar

        Rub them with newspaper rolled into a ball wetted with white vinegar.

        9 - Clay stone

        Clean with a damp sponge with a little clay stone added.

        10- Clay stone / alcohol

        Clean with a cloth moistened with clay stone and a few drops of household alcohol.

        11 - Vinegar/oil

        Clean with a cloth soaked in white vinegar and a drop of salad oil.

        12 - Bicarbonate and essential oils

        In a large bowl or a small bowl pour bicarbonate of soda (5 tablespoons), add 3 drops of lemon essential oil and 3 drops of peppermint essential oil.


        Then cover this mixture with hot water.

        Add 8 tablespoons of vinegar.

        Mix well.

        Transfer the mixture to a bottle with a spray bottle, using a funnel.

        Shake well.

        Spray the shower glass.

        Then clean with a microfiber cloth.

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        How To Defrost Meat Quickly

        How To Defrost Meat Quickly

        How to defrost meat as quickly as possible? In the oven? In the microwave?  Friends come to dinner by surprise? It's time to take a nice piece of meat out of the freezer... But that's it, defrosting a roast beef or a prime rib can take 12 to 24 hours, depending on its weight. So how do you defrost meat quickly?

          Defrost the meat as quickly as possible

          Fast defrosting

          First of all, it is important to know that if meat is thawed too quickly, the meat, bathed in a red liquid, may become soft.

          And emptied of its juice during cooking, it will become dry and tasteless.

          On the other hand, the slow defrosting of a meat gives the illusion of a fresh product.

          This defrosting, whether it is a dish or a meat, must take place at the bottom of the refrigerator at a temperature between 0°C and + 4°C) and especially not in the ambient air, nor near a heat source.

          Otherwise beware of bacteria!

          • Attention : Wash your hands thoroughly before, during and after handling meat. Also clean all surfaces and kitchen utensils that have been in contact with frozen meat.
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          Defrosting meat in the microwave

          Microwave defrosting is not always a success from the point of view of appearance and taste.

          In addition, some pieces of meat can give the illusion of being cooked when they are only cooked on the surface.

          • Attention : Only 4 star freezers are designed to freeze meat, vegetables, dishes or desserts. Other freezers can only accommodate products that are already frozen.

          Defrosting meat under water

          This is the fastest thawing method!

          Place the meat in a large salad bowl and pour cold water over it, making sure the meat is completely submerged.

          • Attention : Every half hour or so, check the temperature of the water in which the meat is immersed. The water should always be cold to prevent the growth of bacteria.

          Defrosting meat by cooking it

          If it is ground meat, pieces of veal for a blanquette or pieces of beef for a bourguignon, the meat will not suffer from this cooking-thawing process.

          On the contrary, you should sear the pieces of meat over their entire surface to prevent the juices from escaping.

          Then continue cooking over medium heat.

          For large pieces of meat in the oven, the defrosting phase must of course be added to the cooking time.

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          What about the taste of the meat?

          It will not be extraordinary! The meat is unlikely to be rare ... and even likely to dry out ...

          • Attention : Only 4 star freezers are designed to freeze meat, vegetables, dishes or desserts. Other freezers can only accommodate products that are already frozen.

          Quickly defrosting meat that will remain soft

          Why not soak the meat a little in water (half an hour), wipe it dry, sear it on all sides at high temperature in a buttered frying pan and then cook it in the microwave?

          You can also cut the meat into thin slices (it cuts well when frozen) soak it in an express marinade: oil, onion, garlic, ginger and soy and cook it in a frying pan?

          These are solutions... not always ideal... but when you have little time...

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          How To Clean White Shoe Laces

          How To Clean White Shoe Laces

          How to clean shoe laces that have become grey and stained over time. Dirty laces make shoes or sneakers look unattractive. Some people use bleach, but it turns the laces yellow. How to restore the laces to their original whiteness. Discover 10 tips to wash your white shoe laces.

            Whitening white shoe laces : 10 tips

            Whiten the laces by hand

            Remove the laces and soak them for 2 to 3 hours in the sink or bowl with :

            1 - Sodium Bicarbonate

            Soak your laces in hot soapy water in which you have dissolved 250 g of baking soda.
            After 2 or 3 hours, rub the laces with a nail brush.

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            2 - Whitening

            If the result is not satisfactory, if the laces are not white enough, soak them for a long time in a bath of very hot water with added whitening product, adding boiling water regularly so that the water remains very hot.
            Scrub then rinse.

            3 - Soda crystals

            Let the laces soak in warm water + the contents of a cup of soda crystals for at least 2 hours.
            Rub the laces.

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            4 - Boiling water, lye and cut lemon or lemon juice

            Soak the laces in a basin or filled with hot water and lemon slices.

            5 - Hydrogen peroxide

            Add one glass of hydrogen peroxide (30%) to the soapy water in the bowl.

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            6 - Dishwasher detergent

            Wash the laces by soaking them in hot water with a tablet or dishwasher detergent powder.
            Scrub and rinse under the tap.

            7- Sodium percarbonate

            This white powder, composed of both sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide, nicknamed solid hydrogen peroxide, restores shine to greying or yellowing white linen.
            To whiten the laces, soak them for at least 2 hours in hot water and percarbonate (1 measuring spoonful for 5 litres of hot water).

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            Machine washing of white laces

            Machine washing the laces will clean them but will not whiten them.
            To bleach the laces, enclose them in a laundry net, then turn the machine on by adding to the laundry tub :

            8 - Lemon

            Blanch the laces by adding the juice of one lemon to the laundry tray.

            9 - Soda crystals

            Add 1/2 cup (125 ml) of soda crystals to each wash to make the white whiter and the colors brighter, while reducing limescale deposits in the machine.

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            10 - Salt of sorrel

            A crystalline, odourless and colourless powder, sorrel salt, called oxalic acid, restores whiteness to greying tissues.
            Pour one tablespoon of sorrel salt into the washing machine's wash tub.

            Dry the laces

            Place the wet laces on a terry towel in the open air or hang them in the sun.
            The sun is an excellent whitening agent.
            yellow, green and red laces spread out

            How to clean color shoe laces

            Avoid hydrogen peroxide, bicarbonate, soda crystals and percarbonate of soda, which can cause the laces to fade.

            - Hot soapy water and vinegar

            Soak them in a solution of hot water and white vinegar by half by adding a drop of liquid detergent, brush them, then rinse under running water.
            Dry them in the open air, but not in the sun, as the laces may discolour.

            Problems with your shoe laces

            Fraying laces

            If your laces start to fray at the end, apply a coat of clear nail polish.
            - Or to keep your shoelaces from slipping out of your shoes longer, reinforce them by machine stitching a few seams along each laces.

            Shoelaces that untie often

            Spray the laces with a little cold water before tying them.
            - Or wipe them in wax or soap.

            No more losing the shoelaces in the machine

            Machine wash them in a net.

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            I'm Heartbroken, How Can I Get Better As Soon As Possible?

            I'm Heartbroken, How Can I Get Better As Soon As Possible?

            Being in a couple is often likened to a beautiful period during which life seems more pleasant, more exciting and more spicy. This is what motivates you to want to find a good man and to keep him to live a beautiful story. But sometimes things don't turn out the way you planned...

              With two people, everything is easier, they say, except that when your boyfriend tells you that it's time for him to take flight away from you because he prefers to be alone (or worse, with someone else) and he wants to end your relationship on those words, the dream collapses at the announcement of the breakup. When you live this moment you often wish to get your man back, but it is also possible to turn the page. The first step whatever the circumstances is thus to avoid saying to itself that one is in full nightmare, in order to especially not fall into the depression and the depreciation of oneself.

              How do you get out of a heartache and be able to live life to the fullest again? How do you react when you say to yourself, "I'm heartbroken because of a man"? How can I regain self-confidence and get back on my feet? Even if the context is difficult, there are solutions to move forward, but there are steps to follow to avoid the main pitfalls. In order to regain the serenity essential to your well-being, discover the actions to be implemented as soon as possible, but just before reaching this stage, it is essential to understand certain parameters in order to fight as best as possible.

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              What exactly is the broken heart syndrome?

              Having a broken heart is a feeling exclusively related to love life. Indeed, we can experience other types of disappointment such as betrayal of a friend and in other areas, there are many reasons to be sad or to feel bad about oneself. But having a broken heart outweighs all of these negative feelings.

              Often, this feeling of being in love is directly related to a separation or divorce, but this is not always the case. Indeed, we can feel at our worst when we learn that our half had an affair and that it resulted in an infidelity of more or less long duration. In this way, to have the broken heart results from an incomparable disappointment, that of the betrayal on behalf of the loved one! breaking his couple

              There is no such thing as a degree when one is heartbroken because of love. Each person has their own way of feeling things and expressing them. Therefore, we should not try to compare ourselves to others. In the same way, each person has a sensitivity that is his or her own and it is this phenomenon that you must respect. In other words, what is acceptable to you is not acceptable to you.
              will probably not be for your cousin or best friend. You should not let yourself be influenced at these times.

              I will come back to this in more detail in this article on heartbreak, but the goal is to stay true to your conception of love life. To do this, what you will feel will play an essential role, so I wanted to address this issue in more detail.

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              What it feels like to have your heart broken

              It is an emotion that you find difficult to describe because it mixes several feelings: anger, sadness, rage and love mix and hurt when your heart is wounded. It is therefore delicate, not to say impossible, to explain it in words, and you are probably asking yourself, can we die of heartbreak? Especially since the feeling after a heartache is specific to each individual and for some it is truly destructive.

              But generally speaking, here are the 10 feelings when you have a very strong heartache and of course they are all negative as pain takes precedence over everything else when you have a broken heart.

              1/ One closes up on oneself, one has only one desire, that to be alone and not to be with anyone.

              2/ Loss of self-confidence

              3/ There is a feeling of injustice and therefore anger that comes from it.

              4/ Feeling of betrayal

              5/ Tears arrive suddenly because we are in incomprehension.

              6/ Envy of revenge

              7/ Sadness and disappointment

              8/ Fear of the future

              9/ Jealousy towards others, those who are happy

              10/ There may be a tendency to make threats.

              At present, you probably think that nobody is able to understand you, you think you are the only one to live this sadness in love even if it is not the case. You blame the whole world when there is only one culprit: your ex! Regularly, I accompany coachees who refuse to go out, who refuse to see the world and to open up to others not only because they think that nothing will make them smile again but also because they imagine that they will be judged, that they will not be respected. However, to make a man come back, it is the opposite that must be put in place. Indeed, you must absolutely avoid moping and closing in on yourself and, on the contrary, open yourself to the world in order to heal your wounded heart, move forward and rebuild yourself.

              We are often afraid of the outside view after a break-up and this is a situation that many of you have told me about. This is why I regularly insist when I talk about life as a couple and ask that the social circle never be neglected. Nevertheless, know one thing, your real friends will always be there to help you repair your broken heart!

              After a disillusionment in love that has led to a heartache, one feels belittled and this has an impact not only on one's emotional life it is obvious, but also on the level of daily life whether it is at work or in the family, one is no longer the same. Our thoughts become darker, we find it hard to see the end of the tunnel, we feel betrayed even when the separation was predictable, so it is obvious that we have difficulty raising our heads. It's a stab in the back that you get from the man you love, that's often how you see this situation because you didn't expect it, you thought he was sincere, that he was going to stay no matter what happened as he promised and that he wasn't going to break your heart.

              We obviously feel frustration against ourselves, we question ourselves, we have doubts about his capacity to make the man who makes us dream happy, we no longer know how to go about pleasing his man but paradoxically, we also have anger against him. Being heartbroken is also resenting your ex-boyfriend even if you want to get him back, and I know that this is the case for most women reading this article and looking for a solution to their problems.

              We usually do an analysis of the past when we are in a state of heartbreak, we wonder what hasn't been in our history, we move heaven and earth to get answers to our questions, very often we do too much. We harass our ex, we don't rebuild ourselves in the right way or not enough, or even worse, we seek revenge. It is true that the desire for revenge is often present when we suffer for love. We feel this need to make him feel what we have on our heart in a negative way so that he too is at the same level as us. This is obviously a way of doing things that I advise against! On the contrary, if you have this kind of thought, you need to work on yourself in order to regain confidence in love as soon as possible.

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              My heart was broken, how can I regain confidence in love?

              When we experience a break-up and it is suffered, we suddenly lose confidence in ourselves. But knowing a broken love doesn't mean that you will be permanently unhappy. In fact, don't get it in your head that you will never know true love again just because you had your heart broken! Like all wounds, this one can be repaired. It will help you once again to grow and learn from your mistakes . How could we live serenely when the man we love has just left us, most of the time without any valid excuses? Even though you made the necessary efforts, your man preferred to continue without you and this makes you suffer greatly.

              A woman who experiences a separation most of the time it shows. Puffy eyes, increased sensitivity, lack of care, weight gain or loss... If you are going through a break-up, you may no longer feel attractive and you may not even want to be. However, you need to regain that desire to please yourself and to be liked, not for your ex, not for other men, but for yourself because the self-confidence that comes with it will have an impact on your entire daily life. You need to find yourself beautiful and attractive because it is the best way to feel good about yourself and therefore to fight against this phenomenon of broken heart.

              When we suffer from separation, we may tend to find no qualities and feel devalued and see only our faults. If you say to yourself "I'm heartbroken by a man" you probably feel like you're in a desperate situation, perhaps you feel that no man will be able to see you with the same look as your ex and that you don't deserve happiness. You need to know that somewhere, usually very close to you, someone envies you, someone admires you. Even if you feel that you are not important, someone suffers from seeing you in this state. Of course, forgetting a man you love is far from being easy, but it is necessary, at least temporarily, and to do so you have to relocate your thoughts.
              Seek compliments because you deserve a partner who does not make you suffer and who can help you move forward, lift you up and forget the pain of your broken heart. help you move forward and lift you up. Above all, raise yourself because before you can be happy as a couple, you need to be happy as a single person. Indeed, to aspire to happiness and fulfillment as a couple, you must first be happy and fulfilled alone!

              If it is necessary to take care of yourself, change your style of clothing or hairstyle, the objective is to change the way you see yourself and this goes through the way you will examine this reflection in the mirror. You may be single, but there are many things you can do without being accountable to anyone. Know that happiness attracts, but sadness drives away. Whether you want to get a man back or forget about him and stop thinking about him, you have to do a lot of work on yourself. So never forget that in all possible scenarios YOU are the priority!

              To regain confidence after a disillusionment in love, there are two actions to take to heal a broken heart: forget and start again. To better understand these two essential aspects, I explain them to you just below.

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              Heart broken into a thousand pieces by a man: I try to forget

              When we experience heartbreak, we do not understand why the being who gave us so much happiness is now the reason for our suffering and crying. The one who made you happy and did good to your heart has ended up becoming the one who hurt you and broke your heart. It's natural to dwell on memories and read the messages of love, but you have to pull yourself together after your heart has been broken, because by behaving in this way you are still in the past. If you want to start out with a good heart that has been torn apart, you have to get away from it, or at least not run after it. This means not having contact with him in the first place.

              Far too many women make the mistake of continuing to talk to their ex in the hope of a quick return. When we are struggling to recover from the breakup, we decide to talk to her "amicably," but still have very strong feelings for her. However, talking to him even in a friendly way will prevent you from recovering from this heart wound that is hurting you because you will be in contact with him too often.

              When your heart is in pieces, the first thing to do is to delete your number or even block it. Delete it from all your social networks as well. It's radical, but understand that you have to forget about it by putting it aside and that you won't be able to lift your head by continuing to communicate. When you're in the process of regaining your self-conquest, it's called the technique of radio silence and it consists of taking a step back for several weeks with one objective: to provoke a reversed emotional process. I will come back to this in a future article.

              In the same way, you have to distance yourself from the memory of it. The messages, the recorded calls, the music you were listening to together, the important places in your story, you must absolutely stop thinking about them. The same goes for clothes, letters and gifts. Avoid anything that reminds you that you were in a relationship with him. If you have a girlfriend who is spreading her happiness in love too much, avoid her too or gently remind her that you are just coming out of a separation. In fact, to get better as quickly as possible, I recommend this reading: how to get over the break-up in 10 days!

              By moving away from her memory, you will have already taken a huge step in your recovery. This is the process that must be put in place after a separation.

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              How to get back on track after a break-up so that you don't have a broken heart anymore

              We don't necessarily want to live a new story after a break-up, for fear of suffering in the same way. However, not all men are the same and do not seek to make women suffer, but each human being tends to project his fears inherited from the past and therefore from an old relationship onto the new, whether he is a man or a woman. Yes, the past in love is difficult to fight, especially when one has suffered and one's heart has been torn apart by disillusionment!

              When one's heart is broken by a man, it is imperative to understand the reasons why it is necessary to open up to the world again. Locking yourself up in your room is the worst way to experience a break-up, wondering if he is still in love or even worse, living with negativity or remorse that would lead you to wonder why he doesn't love me anymore. Instead, you need to open up to the world, go out to get away from it all, clear your mind and get back on track to heal your wounded heart.

              However, separating yourself from your man will have had the effect of pushing you to go out and thus to discover new things, you will finally, and even if it seems inconceivable to you at the time you are reading these lines, come out grown up from this wounded heart emotional suffering.

              From now on, you must therefore force yourself to live new adventures. You must surround yourself and go out, whether it is to the cinema or on a trip, in another city or in another country. At the swimming pool or bowling alley, you will have to cultivate feelings other than love and sadness and why not take the opportunity to strengthen your family or friendships. Living good memories again will allow you to forget your disappointment in love, the goal being to put it forever in the past. You need to think about him as little as possible in order to live a new life that will transform you and in which you will no longer say YES I miss him so much, but on the contrary YES I can live without him and heal my broken heart.

              Sometimes you are too suspicious or on the contrary too lax, which means that you don't pay attention to a great man, or on the contrary you let evil men into your life. It is normal that you are afraid of loneliness, especially if your former relationship lasted a long time. But you shouldn't throw yourself into the arms of the first person you meet, nor should you stay alone because you are afraid to take the plunge. There is nothing worse than that to suffer again and relive a heavy and painful situation.

              You must give love a chance, without selling yourself on its market. You are not desperate, you are not looking for a replacement or a half, but for a stable man. It is by thinking this way that you will be able to heal your emotional wound.

              In love, the most difficult step to take is that of breaking up because it is rarely desired by both partners, there is always one who loves more than the other. In this case, you are the one who suffers and you don't know how to get out of it. The first thing to do, as soon as the separation is announced, is therefore to cut the bridges with your ex and to distance yourself from everything that concerns you. Even to start a love re-conquest later on.

              You have to have a good time, surround yourself with friends and family to be able to give love another chance one day and forget that your heart is torn. This way you will be able to love again and be happy, but you will also maximize your chances of making it come back.

              It may seem very complicated because it is very important to you, but understand that you can't have everything in life: if he breaks up, it's because he wants to be alone, so give him that space, and make him regret his decision because that's what will make him come back. The second thing to do is to take the time to refocus on yourself. You need to regain confidence in yourself and your qualities so that you can relive relationships without being overly in demand. Indeed, you must learn to love yourself again, to take care of yourself and to think first of all about your happiness and your personal development so that you can then think about repairing this broken love.

              From now on, you must no longer lament saying to yourself "I'm heartbroken. Not only is this essential for you as a woman but also if you are wondering how to get your ex back after a separation, which I explain in detail if you click on the link! Indeed, to regain your love there are no mysteries, you have to implement a whole process and stick to it. Of course the first step is to give a new image of oneself and the ideal is to show that one is moving forward. To do this, it is necessary to dry your tears and reveal your best sides. Never forget how great you are and don't let anyone tell you that you're not...

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              10 Signs Of Stress In Your Cat

              10 Signs Of Stress In Your Cat

              Stress is a condition that cats, like humans, can experience. Like the latter, the feline can be worried. He may be afraid of certain situations, of certain gestures, which will make him stress more than necessary. Especially if his daily routine is disrupted by a move, a change in his life such as the arrival of a fellow cat or even a baby...

                For your part, you need to be on the lookout and react if signs of stress appear. You must be on the lookout and react if signs of stress appear. You must also see them, detect them, and understand their origins. We help you in this diagnosis with these indicators of a cat in an advanced state of stress.

                Your cat grooms or scratches excessively

                Grooming is normal for a cat. The question you need to ask yourself is when your feline spends his time grooming, licking, or scratching himself to the point of irritating his own skin. This is similar to the behaviour of humans who bite their nails.

                Special Offer : AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post and Hammock.

                Your cat gets dirty

                Usually, your cat defecates in its litter box. But stress can lead him to defecate or satisfy any need in the middle of your living room, in your bedroom... You need to go to the vet to understand this sudden change in behavior.

                Extreme vigilance

                Your stressed cat will spend more time hiding, under a piece of furniture, under the couch or under your bed. He can even stand up high on his cat tree and observe his environment more closely. He may also become aggressive if he feels threatened.

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                More meows

                Some cats are more talkative than others, but when stressed, all tend to increase the frequency of meowing. If your feline is not used to expressing himself, this can be a good indicator.

                A lack of appetite

                Like humans, who sometimes eat less when they are stressed, we find this behavior in cats. Keep an eye on the cat's bowl.

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                Your stressed cat may spend more time lying down. It will give you the impression of not having any strength left, of being drained. If you notice a surprising lack of energy, don't hesitate to consult.

                Increased aggressiveness

                A stressed cat feels continually threatened. It will protect its territory at all costs... and will not hesitate to be aggressive if necessary.

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                More or less dependent

                It all depends on the character of your cat. A stressed cat can become clingy, as it can become more independent.

                Stomach aches

                Stressed out, your feline may have a stomach ache. This can manifest itself as diarrhea or constipation. In both cases, you must consult to avoid that it degenerates into more important health problems.

                Special Offer : PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Tray Refills - Non-Clumping Crystal Cat Litter.

                Behaviour changes in general

                Your usually very cuddly cat can be aloof. He may find himself disturbed by the slightest noise. He may become more aggressive, but may also lack energy on a daily basis. Too many changes in her behaviour should be a challenge to you.

                To help your cat calm down and combat his stress, there are very effective soothing pheromone diffusers. Zen & Calm products offer a multitude of anti-stress solutions in diffusers, pipettes or even collars.

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                My Cat Refuses To Use His Litter Box, Why?

                My Cat Refuses To Use His Litter Box

                Cats are very neat animals, they spend time grooming and defecate in quiet places and cover them up. But sometimes our indoor cats develop cleanliness problems and leave their litter boxes to eliminate their needs in somewhat inappropriate places (carpet, sofa...). Why does your cat become so clean? Our answers.

                  The cat and cleanliness

                  By all accounts, cats are extremely clean animals that spend a good part of their day grooming. Cleanliness is not entirely innate for your cat, it is during the first weeks of life in contact with its mother or another adult cat that your cat will acquire this behavior. By observing its mother, the kitten will understand that it must eliminate somewhere other than where it sleeps for example, it is by mimicry that it will use the litter box. But sometimes this learning does not go well for several reasons, abandonment of the litter, mother not very aware of the education to be given ...

                  Special Offer : PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Automatic Self Cleaning Hooded Cat Litter Box – Includes Disposable Trays with Crystal Litter and Hood.

                  Why doesn't my cat use the litter box?

                  Using the litter box is almost innate in indoor cats, but it is sometimes necessary to clean your kitten or to give your adult cat a booster session.

                  A cat does not become dirty for pleasure or revenge. This problem may be caused by behavioral problems (fear of the litter box, overcrowding, moving...) or pathological disorders (cystitis...).

                  Changing the litter box, or the litter itself (you change from clumping litter to vegetable-based litter for example) may not please your cat, who may show discomfort or rather disorientation through uncleanliness. Remember that cats are creatures of habit and that any change in their environment or their life must be done gently. Think about getting him used to it, to make a transition before imposing a change on him.

                  An adult cat that becomes unclean may also express it because of pain during urination. The cat then associates its litter box with a place where it hurts; and you can't blame it for not going to a place where it hurts, can you?

                  The cat's sensitivity to odours can also cause the litter box to be neglected. Some cats can't bear to enter an already soiled litter box. There is no other choice but to remove the stains after each passage of the cat in the litter box.

                  Special Offer : AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post and Hammock.

                  How do you teach your cat how to keep clean?

                  If your kitten has lost its mother, it will have to be replaced for food, but also for education! For housetraining, some kittens are more receptive and understand quite quickly that the elimination area (litter box) is much nicer than the couch to do his business, he can scratch, turn the granules around! For the others, it will be necessary to help them. When you observe it well, you will see that the kitten before eliminating changes its behavior, it scratches the ground, sniffs it and squats: no more a second to lose, put it directly in the litter box. Be careful not to shout, don't argue, your kitten won't understand. Above all, he must not associate the litter box with a place where he is being punished!

                  To attract the cat to its litter box, it is possible to clean it with bleach. Its peculiar ammonia odour attracts cats, who tend to try to cover it up when they relieve themselves.

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                  The litter box

                  For kittens in training, prefer an open tray that is easily accessible for your companion. For adults, a closed top tray can be used - they prefer a little privacy.

                  The important thing is that your cat's litter box should be located in a quiet area of the house, where it will not be disturbed during disposal. Therefore, we forget about places near the washing machine, which may cause the cat to run away when it goes into spin mode, we also forget about places that are too far away (attic, garage...).

                  The litter box must be large enough so that your cat can turn around inside without difficulty and can scratch the granules without putting everything outside at once.

                  A change in a cat's behavior towards its litter box must be synonymous with a consultation with the veterinarian to make sure the problem is at the origin of the problem.

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                  5 Tips To Avoid Cat Scratches On Furniture

                  tips to avoid cat scratches on furniture

                  Your cat needs to have its claws done for several reasons. However, it should not be done just anywhere. Your furniture, walls and doors must be protected. How should they be protected? These few tips will help you do so.

                    No one wants to see their sofa, armchairs, whole sections of wall and doors marked with scratches. This is precisely the unpleasant experience you are likely to have when you have a cat. Why does he act like that? There are multiple explanations behind the scratches made by your pet on your property and various surfaces.

                    First of all, your cat needs to make its claws shorter and wear them out regularly. They play an essential role for him on a daily basis, allowing him to climb and stay balanced when he walks, runs or takes his footing.

                    Then, your cat can start scratching something to relieve the stress and tension that accumulates if he feels uncomfortable (change of environment, arrival of a new animal...), or simply if he gets bored.

                    It is therefore important to act on these aspects, while looking at solutions to prevent him from scratching everything within his reach, including your valuables.

                    Here are 5 tips to avoid cat scratches on your objects...

                    Bet on the scratching post

                    The scratching post is one of the essential accessories to be integrated into the cat's living space. Make sure that your feline friend has one at his disposal, that it is easily accessible and that it is adapted to his specificities. For example, if it's an older cat, choose a flat, horizontal model rather than a vertical scratching post.

                    You will find them in various forms: corner, cylindrical, cardboard, sisal... In addition, some cat trees have surfaces that allow the cat to make its claws.

                    The goal is for your cat to focus its claw desires on the accessory designed for this purpose, and to spare your furniture.

                    Get High Quality Scratching Post From Amazon.

                    Protect your furniture when you're not at home

                    If you must be away from home, remember to protect your furniture by covering the parts usually scratched by your cat with a material he does not like. You can opt for polyethylene film or aluminum foil. Be sure to secure them well. Your pet won't like the feel and noise of these materials when it tries to scratch them. Chances are he won't want to touch them anymore.

                    Get High Quality Aluminum Foil From Amazon.

                    White vinegar against cat scratches

                    Your cat doesn't like the smell of white vinegar either, so it can be used as a natural repellent to protect your furniture, walls, upholstery and doors. Simply pour some into a spray bottle and spray lightly on the surfaces to be protected. The solution is effective, but if cats don't like white vinegar, you may also find its smell unpleasant. Plants and essential oils with repellent action can be good alternatives.

                    Get High Quality White Vinegar From Amazon.

                    Get High Quality Spray Bottle From Amazon.

                    A natural repellent with orange essential oil

                    To "cover" the unpleasant odor of white vinegar used to prevent cat scratches, you can combine it with orange essential oil. In a spray bottle, pour a cup of white vinegar and 30 drops of orange essential oil. Mix while shaking, then spray this solution on your sofa, armchair, wall or door to protect. This natural repellent will dissuade your cat from damaging them with its claws.

                    Get High Quality Orange Essential Oil From Amazon.

                    Homemade, plant-based repellent to prevent cat scratches

                    The following herbal blend will also serve as a natural repellent to prevent your cat from scratching your objects: dried lavender, rosemary and cinnamon powder. Count 3 tablespoons of each, soak them in 50 cl of hot water and leave to infuse for half a day. Filter the solution, pour it into a spray bottle and apply to the areas to be protected.

                    Get High Quality Dried Lavender From Amazon.

                    Get High Quality Rosemary From Amazon.

                    Get High Quality Cinnamon Powder From Amazon.

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                    True Love : The 10 Behaviors Of A Man Made For You

                    True Love : The 10 Behaviors Of A Man Made For You

                    It is rare to find true love. But, it is the most beautiful experience a person can have in his or her lifetime.

                    What is true love? It is to recognize yourself in another person's life. And, it is finding refuge in the heart of another person.

                    True love is discovering a new part of your soul, a part that was completely unknown to you until then.

                    In short, it is being in total synchronization with another human being. It's as simple as that.

                    Or, as complicated... It all depends on your point of view. But know one thing.

                    Wherever you are right now, or wherever you are tomorrow, sooner or later you're going to find the man you're supposed to spend the rest of your life with.

                    And, believe me, you'll know that man when he comes into your life. As they say, it will be obvious!

                    You probably have a friend or a woman in your family who is living a fairy tale with her partner.

                    They seem made for each other. They love and respect each other, and especially appreciate the time they spend together.

                    In fact, their mere presence gives you a warm feeling and the impression of feeling their love strongly and sincerely.

                    And, have you ever asked this woman how she knew that her partner was "the one"?

                    I sure have. No one can help but find the miracle recipe for such unique unconditional love.

                    And, what did she tell you? Most certainly, "As soon as we saw each other, we knew! All the noises disappeared around us. We felt like we were the only people there. Our eyes met and that was the trigger!".

                    Yes, true love is that!

                      That's how a man who is destined to be with you behaves.

                      After this story, you probably told yourself that you would really like to know this kind of osmosis.

                      But, as you've had a string of disappointments in love, you wonder if this man made for you really exists.

                      Yes, he does exist! Don't worry, because you will find him one day. When you least expect it, when you have lost hope, he will come into your life.

                      And, you will be able to recognize it because its behavior will be the opposite of what you have known so far.

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                      He will make an effort to be with you.

                      He will be capable of anything for you. This man will be the living proof that love has no limits.

                      He will be happy to drop everything just to spend a little more time with you.

                      He won't be the type to make last-minute excuses to cancel your date.

                      And, he won't choose his friends over yours. For him, the most important moments will be the ones he spends in your arms.

                      In fact, he'll do everything he can to make you happy and help you reach your goals.

                      He won't be afraid to go beyond his limits to make your relationship stronger and to create a more intense emotional connection.

                      This man will take care of you.

                      When you speak, he will look you straight in the eye. And, he will listen to everything you have to say.

                      With "the one," you'll never feel like you're getting him drunk or forcing him into discussions he's not interested in.

                      Besides, the right man will always be there to support you when you feel lost.

                      When you need to talk about your problems, he will offer you a loving shoulder and sound advice.

                      In short, he won't run away from the bad aspects of the relationship because he knows that not everything can be ideal.

                      He'll remember all the little details.

                      When you talk, he will always listen to you with great attention. He will know that everything you say is important.

                      That way, he will know what will make you happy and smile. He will be able to give you the kind of gift you really appreciate.

                      So he will always do his best to see you laugh and brighten your day.

                      But he will also be aware of your weaknesses, your fears and what makes you sad.

                      So he will avoid putting you in uncomfortable situations and protect you from what he perceives as threats to your happiness.

                      He will be your shield against the difficulties of this world and your pedestal to joy and carefree.

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                      He will take care of you.

                      When you are sad or depressed, he will take you in his arms. He will comfort you and encourage you to fight.

                      This man will bring you breakfast in bed and cover you with tenderness and care.

                      When you need a shelter to protect you from this cruel world, he will be your comfort and your knight.

                      And even when you are sick, he will never let you out of his sight. He will make soup for you and make you comfortable in bed.

                      The man who will give you true love will caress your skin and always make sure that you are there, close to him.

                      He will trust you completely.

                      With you, he will always follow his instincts. And, his instinct will be to believe every word you say.

                      His trust will have no limits. There will be no excessive jealousy or need for control.

                      And, he won't be afraid of you going out alone with your friends or not getting messages from you.

                      True love is when there is no doubt in the relationship. Therefore, this man will be certain of your love.

                      Then he will trust it blindly. Don't betray him!

                      We and we will replace I in his vocabulary.

                      The man who will offer you the true love of your life will not hesitate about you. So he will use the pronoun we.

                      Why will he use the pronoun we? Because, in his mind, there won't be a more perfect person for him.

                      He'll know that he's found the woman he's supposed to end his life with. That way, he won't be afraid to commit to a serious love relationship.

                      He will choose you as his life partner over and over again. Without any doubt or hesitation.

                      In fact, for the first time in your life, you will feel like you are someone's priority.

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                      That man will believe in you.

                      The man who will make you know true love will believe in you deeply. And, he will prove to you that you are capable of doing whatever you want to do.

                      This man will give you the strength to move forward and pursue even your wildest dreams.

                      And even if the odds are against you, he will continue to push you forward.

                      For him, you will have all the talents and abilities you need to succeed. And, he'll know that all you need is a little push, someone who believes in you.

                      And, that person will be him.

                      He will calm your worries and fears.

                      True love won't make your hands shake and your heart shiver. At least not in a bad way.

                      Indeed, the presence of this man in your life will help you to calm even the most terrifying and incomprehensible fears of your soul.

                      He will listen to you talk about your worries and fears and find effective ways of writing them off.

                      He will caress your wounds and comfort your soul. In fact, with the man of your life, you will feel safe.

                      You will know that you can face anything and that you have no reason to be afraid because he will always be at your side to face any storm.

                      This man will push you to become the best possible version of yourself.

                      Believe me when I tell you that the man who will give you a chance for true love is the man who will encourage you to be yourself.

                      He won't try to change you and he won't point out your personality or physical defects.

                      He will accept you as you are and will not push you to be unfaithful to yourself.

                      It would be a betrayal for him to ask you to become someone you are not.

                      Then he will be there for you and he will push you to change, yes... but to change to become better.

                      To become a version of yourself that you can be proud of.

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                      He won't be afraid to be vulnerable to you.

                      A man who will open up to you and who will not be afraid to show his weaknesses and vulnerabilities will be a person who is ready to help you discover true love.

                      Indeed, in a loving relationship where respect, trust and communication reign, there can be no missteps.

                      So you will know that this man is "the one" if he is able to be completely honest with you. Even about his faults or mistakes.

                      He will not try to make himself look perfect. He will be honest and share all his secrets with you because he will know he is safe.

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                      How To Clean PVC Windows

                      How to clean PVC windows

                      What product should I use to clean a PVC window? Over time, PVC windows and shutters, especially if they are white, get dirty quickly and tend to become greyish. So even with a good cleaning it is almost impossible for them to regain their original whiteness... Unless you follow this advice!

                        What to clean a PVC window with: 8 easy tips

                        1 - Soapy water + white vinegar

                        Clean the PVC window or sash with a sponge soaked in soapy water and white vinegar.
                        Rinse with a water jet.
                        Wipe as soon as possible with a terry towel.

                        • Attention : Avoid cleaning the PVC with the abrasive side of the sponge, you could scratch it.
                        Buy High Quality White Vinegar at amazon.

                        What to use to clean a very dirty PVC window

                        2 - Household alcohol

                        Clean the entire window or PVC shutter, insisting on stains, with a cloth impregnated with household alcohol.

                        3 - Bicarbonate of soda + soapy water + vinegar

                        Clean the window or shutter with a sponge soaked in soapy water and white vinegar, sprinkled with baking soda.

                        Buy High Quality Bicarbonate of soda at amazon.

                        Buy High Quality White Vinegar at amazon.

                        4 - Soda crystals

                        Clean the window and shutter with a sponge soaked in hot water in which you will have poured soda crystals.
                        Rinse generously;

                        Buy High Quality Soda Crystals at amazon.

                        5 - Oven cleaner

                        If the window and shutter are really very dirty, do not hesitate to clean them by spraying some product on them to clean the oven.
                        Let ¼ work for an hour.
                        Scrub off any remaining stains.
                        Rinse with plenty of water, paying attention to any plantings that may suffer from this product.

                        Buy High Quality Oven Cleaner at amazon.

                        What to use to whiten the PVC of the window

                        6 - Hydrogen peroxide

                        Wipe the entire surface of the furniture with a cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide.
                        Rinse and dry.

                        Buy High Quality Hydrogen Peroxide at amazon.

                        With what to shine and protect the PVC of the window

                        7 - Renov'Guard

                        This product revives the color of the PVC of the window, sashes and handles by protecting them from stains.
                        The effect is long-lasting: the treatment is UV and weather resistant.
                        Apply a thin, even layer with the microfiber cloth on a clean, dust-free, degreased and dry window.
                        - After 10 minutes, carefully wipe and polish the treated surface with the dry microfiber cloth.

                        8 - Wax

                        Restore the shine to the shutter and window by waxing them with a car wax.
                        Moreover, afterwards, their next cleaning will be easier.

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                        Male or female cat : which to choose?

                        Male or female cat : which to choose?

                        You decide to adopt a cat. However, you must ask yourself the question and know what kind of cat you would like. Rather male or rather female? What is the difference between the 2 sexes? We can help you to see more clearly.

                        Don't worry, the differences in choosing between a male or female cat are not numerous. Their personalities are hardly exacerbated by their sex. Especially after the castration of the male, which tends to make the differences decrease even more.

                          If you choose a male

                          Are males more distant than females and less cuddly? Not necessarily. There is finally no rule in this matter. Male cats are often more massive, a little bit bigger. They are not all more independent or solitary than a female. This characteristic fades away quickly if you have him neutered. A castration which will have to take place around 6 months, at the time of its puberty, at the veterinary surgeon.

                          The only real difference with the female is in the way the male marks his territory. He will do it by means of jets of urine inside your home. A different way of proceeding with the simple elimination, which will be done in his litter box and that he will cover afterwards. In the case of urine spray marking, your cat will locate a suitable spot for marking, sniff it and then urinate on it. Spaying allows you to reduce or even eliminate this behavior.

                          Special Offer : AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post and Hammock.

                          If you choose a female

                          The only trickier periods for a cat are the hotter periods. She will meow more than usual, especially during the night. She may be more cuddly and affectionate at that time. These periods are not really predictable in the cat, but rather irregular.

                          It is possible to sterilize the cat and thus avoid these periods of heat. This also avoids unwanted gestations. Sterilization removes any risk of infection of the uterus or risk of tumors of the uterus and ovaries. Early oophorectomy reduces the risk of developing breast tumors later on to zero. It is best to sterilize it before the age of one year.

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                          In summary

                          There is hardly any difference between a male cat and a female cat. The only differences tend to fade away once the castration in the male and the sterilization in the female have been done. Furthermore, it is also possible that a cat that has not been neutered will never mark its territory with urine sprays. It is also possible that a cat in heat never meows and keeps quiet.

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                          Here's how to vampirize a man in 10 Simple Techniques

                          Here's how to vampirize a man in 10 Simple Techniques

                          To keep him, you have to get him hooked!

                          You've fallen in love with a man but he doesn't seem to be under your spell yet.

                          You send him clear signs that you are attracted to him and that you would like something more concrete, but he doesn't listen.

                          Either he's not interested (but you're an extraordinary woman so it doesn't make sense) or he's not very good at spotting the signs of flirting.

                          Or, you're at the beginning of a relationship that looks promising and you want to make sure you keep your man's attention focused only on you.

                          You barely know each other but you seem to have a lot in common.

                          So you want to make sure he doesn't slip through your fingers and find a better partner than you.

                          Whatever your romantic situation, you seek advice on how to enchant the object of your affection like an enchantress of yesteryear.

                          In fact, you want him to become addicted to you to the point of becoming your knight in shining golden armor.

                          In short, you want to monopolize his attention to seduce him and push him to honor you and your relationship.

                            What are the secrets that will allow you to bewitch your man?

                            Well, it is not difficult to seduce a man. You flutter your eyelashes and smile when he talks and the deal is in the bag.

                            But, where things get tough is when you want that attraction to last. When you want to make sure you keep the passion alive, you have to put in place a few techniques.

                            For example, to avoid the routine or even the evaporation of the excitement of the first few moments of the relationship, you need to make an effort to keep your man on the alert.

                            So here are 10 tips to vampirize the object of your affection and make sure it will be yours forever (at least for a while... Let's not be too demanding either!). 

                            Don't pretend to be someone you're not.

                            If you're not a social butterfly and your life doesn't look like an episode of Gossip Girl, don't lie to him!

                            Don't try to make yourself look good or pretend that you have an extraordinarily exciting life just to make her want to be a part of your life.

                            So, if you spend your evenings watching Life's Sweetest by Eating Ice Cream, be honest.

                            Don't apologize for being who you are. And, don't sell him the dream, because sooner or later he's going to realize the deception.

                            You can always find interesting and funny ways to make your life intriguing, while still being honest.

                            Even if you have 5 cats and a job that washes you down.

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                            Don't just focus on your relationship, continue to lead an exciting personal life.

                            When you choose a new hobby or when you decide to dedicate a free moment to your passion, you create excitement in your life.

                            You get out of the routine, meet new people and nurture your creativity and motivation.

                            And all this is good for your personal life and your love life.

                            He will soon realize that you have a full and satisfying life. In fact, he might even be jealous of the attention you give to your passion.

                            In that case, he'll feel like he's competing with your hobbies for your attention.

                            Men love a challenge. It's good for their ego!

                            Whatever happens, respect your limits!

                            Sometimes when we fall in love with a man, we find it hard to bear the idea that he is moving away from us in any way.

                            We even panic. And, this fear can push us to do anything. But you have to understand something: you must never break the rules and exceed the limits you set.

                            You start begging him to stay with you, you sleep with him way too early, and you accept crumbs of his love when you know you deserve his full attention.

                            All of a sudden, your self-confidence starts to disappear. So you have to make a list of your personal limits and promise yourself that you will never go beyond them just for the sake of a man's love.

                            If you need a reminder, write it down on a piece of paper and stick it on the bathroom mirror.

                            That way, every morning you will see this list and remember that you are the most important person in your life.

                            If he misbehaves, don't let him off too easily.

                            When a man changes his behaviour and stops being a gentleman, you immediately tell yourself that he is distancing himself.

                            And, the fear of losing him makes our heads spin. So we cover him with love and attention in the hope of keeping him.

                            But, really? This behavior is completely unhealthy. So, when you call him to talk about his behaviour or when you apologize (why are you apologizing?) so that he feels comfortable enough to come back, what do you tell him?

                            You prove to him that he will get more love and attention if he behaves like a nobody.

                            Of course, if he deserves your attention, give it to him, but if not, control your emotions.

                            Don't reward him for his bad behaviour. It doesn't make sense! You have to ignore it.

                            But don't be dramatic either, because even negative attention is more exciting than no attention.

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                            Use your intelligence in an intelligent way!

                            Many intelligent women make a crucial mistake. They do everything they can to prove to their men how smart they are.

                            But, they don't realize that they're just being a know-it-all.

                            Thus, they seem arrogant but also insecure. YOU DON'T HAVE TO PROVE ANYTHING.

                            Especially not to a man. If you're smart, he'll realize that. Don't worry!

                            So, you don't have to show him all your knowledge or tell him over and over again, "You know, I'm smart".

                            Instead, use your intelligence to make him think you're impertinent. Make jokes and even play cat and mouse, which is a sexy verbal version.

                            He'll soon realize that you're a spiritual woman who hides her game well.

                            Turn yourself into a sensual woman.

                            Can you imagine a jellyfish swimming in the sea? She doesn't have a rigid body and she moves smoothly and fluidly.

                            Above all, it doesn't make any sudden movements. Well, there you go... When you're with your man, you have to keep this image of the jellyfish.

                            Why do you need to keep that image? Because it will allow you to become a more sensual woman. You see the allegory I made? Hmm...

                            In fact, the idea is simple. You should try to relax the muscles in your face, shoulders, hips and thighs.

                            In short, you need to relax! If you're relaxed, you'll be more intimate with him. That way, you can cuddle his arm or whisper sweet words in his ear.

                            Body language is extremely important when you want to get your man's attention.

                            And, sensuality will help you get an emotional response from the person you are flirting with.

                            Stop the mystery!

                            So, I can't even explain to you the reaction I get every time I hear advice like, "Don't reveal yourself" or "Stay mysterious".

                            That's a load of crap! Of course, I'm not saying that you have to reveal everything to your man as if he were a priest in a confessional.

                            But you must understand that the real mystery of a woman lies in her ability to be open and honest.

                            So when you can talk to a man about your touching childhood memories or your naughty little pleasures, he sees you as a multi-faceted woman.

                            In fact, you appear as a complex person who is at once gentle, intelligent, deep and in tune with herself.

                            And, it is this mystery that will make him addicted. He will then do everything to discover what is still hidden behind your angelic face.

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                            Control your impulses.

                            Do you want to call him? To talk constantly to avoid white noise in the discussion? Sit next to him? Make plans for next weekend?

                            It's normal because you want to take action to create a much deeper connection with your man.

                            But, you have to control that impulse. Control yourself, damn it! Okay, I'm getting a little carried away, but the idea is that you have to be a little reserved.

                            Don't go near him, but don't go away either. In short, don't chase after him but don't play the difficult woman.

                            Stay where you are and don't move. Adopt your new sensual attitude and prepare to receive his advances.

                            Indeed, he won't be able to stand the idea that you won't do anything to titillate him so he will go first. And, bingo!

                            Vanity isn't always a bad flaw.

                            To vampirize your man, you must first learn to take advantage of the attention of men in general.

                            Your ability to love and value yourself will make you much more attractive to your man.

                            If, in addition, you know how to appreciate the attention that you receive, he will see desire to launch out in a game of sensual seduction.

                            Women who are capable of intellectual foreplay are much more attractive.

                            So, put forward your assets without being vulgar. Do you like your eyes? Your curves?

                            Focus on the body part you like best at home and learn to love yourself.

                            For example, when a man seems to give you sexual attention, tell yourself that he is focusing on that part of your body.

                            Don't be afraid of sexting.

                            Whether you've been together for a long time or just yesterday (in a manner of speaking, of course), you need to find a way to use technology to breathe new life into your relationship.

                            Be creative and smart with your choice of words. In fact, you need to get them to think about your feminine magnetism even when you're not there.

                            So, sexting or naughty photos (if you trust him completely) can be a great way to rekindle the passion between you.

                            Moreover, it will allow you to avoid the routine and boredom that are killing more and more couples these days.

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