5 Tips To Avoid Cat Scratches On Furniture

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tips to avoid cat scratches on furniture

Your cat needs to have its claws done for several reasons. However, it should not be done just anywhere. Your furniture, walls and doors must be protected. How should they be protected? These few tips will help you do so.

    No one wants to see their sofa, armchairs, whole sections of wall and doors marked with scratches. This is precisely the unpleasant experience you are likely to have when you have a cat. Why does he act like that? There are multiple explanations behind the scratches made by your pet on your property and various surfaces.

    First of all, your cat needs to make its claws shorter and wear them out regularly. They play an essential role for him on a daily basis, allowing him to climb and stay balanced when he walks, runs or takes his footing.

    Then, your cat can start scratching something to relieve the stress and tension that accumulates if he feels uncomfortable (change of environment, arrival of a new animal...), or simply if he gets bored.

    It is therefore important to act on these aspects, while looking at solutions to prevent him from scratching everything within his reach, including your valuables.

    Here are 5 tips to avoid cat scratches on your objects...

    Bet on the scratching post

    The scratching post is one of the essential accessories to be integrated into the cat's living space. Make sure that your feline friend has one at his disposal, that it is easily accessible and that it is adapted to his specificities. For example, if it's an older cat, choose a flat, horizontal model rather than a vertical scratching post.

    You will find them in various forms: corner, cylindrical, cardboard, sisal... In addition, some cat trees have surfaces that allow the cat to make its claws.

    The goal is for your cat to focus its claw desires on the accessory designed for this purpose, and to spare your furniture.

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    Protect your furniture when you're not at home

    If you must be away from home, remember to protect your furniture by covering the parts usually scratched by your cat with a material he does not like. You can opt for polyethylene film or aluminum foil. Be sure to secure them well. Your pet won't like the feel and noise of these materials when it tries to scratch them. Chances are he won't want to touch them anymore.

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    White vinegar against cat scratches

    Your cat doesn't like the smell of white vinegar either, so it can be used as a natural repellent to protect your furniture, walls, upholstery and doors. Simply pour some into a spray bottle and spray lightly on the surfaces to be protected. The solution is effective, but if cats don't like white vinegar, you may also find its smell unpleasant. Plants and essential oils with repellent action can be good alternatives.

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    A natural repellent with orange essential oil

    To "cover" the unpleasant odor of white vinegar used to prevent cat scratches, you can combine it with orange essential oil. In a spray bottle, pour a cup of white vinegar and 30 drops of orange essential oil. Mix while shaking, then spray this solution on your sofa, armchair, wall or door to protect. This natural repellent will dissuade your cat from damaging them with its claws.

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    Homemade, plant-based repellent to prevent cat scratches

    The following herbal blend will also serve as a natural repellent to prevent your cat from scratching your objects: dried lavender, rosemary and cinnamon powder. Count 3 tablespoons of each, soak them in 50 cl of hot water and leave to infuse for half a day. Filter the solution, pour it into a spray bottle and apply to the areas to be protected.

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