How to defrost freezer: 8 tips to speed up defrosting the freezer

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How to defrost freezer: 8 tips to speed up defrosting the freezer

Whether it is a chest freezer, a chest or drawer freezer, a combination fridge or a freezer, there will be a moment when you will have to defrost it. Knowing that a thick layer of frost can be detrimental to freezer conservation and increase the energy consumption of the appliance, when should the freezer be defrosted? Can you defrost a freezer without turning it off? We'll give you all the tips to make defrosting easier.

    When to defrost a freezer

    Depending on your use, defrost your freezer about every quarter.
    But if the frost layer reaches about 2 to 3 mm, don't wait to defrost it.

    Why defrost a freezer

    Every time you open the freezer door the moisture that penetrates inside turns to frost on contact with the cold.
    Not only can a real layer of ice form on the cooling system during use, but to maintain its ideal temperature, the freezer has to operate at full capacity, resulting in over-consumption of electricity.
    To sum up: the thicker the frost, the more electricity the appliance consumes, the less electricity it conserves.
    Regular defrosting is therefore essential.

    Can you defrost a freezer without turning it off?

    Manufacturers and retailers will tell you that it is best to unplug a freezer before defrosting it.
    If defrosting a freezer without turning it off is possible with our tips, it is better to play it safe by unplugging it.

    How to defrost a freezer

    Ideally, the freezer should be turned off, the doors opened, and all freezers taken out and stored in a cooler.
    Sometimes the layer of frost, if very thick, can take up to 24 hours to melt.
    Fortunately, there are solutions to speed up this defrosting process.

    8 tips to defrost the freezer quickly and easily

    1 - Household alcohol + water

    To easily and quickly remove frost while cleaning the fridge, spray the walls with a solution of 2/3 alcohol and 1/3 water.
    Sponge and wipe off.

    2 - Alcohol + water + vinegar

    Spray the walls of the freezer with a mixture of 1/3 household alcohol + 1/3 water + 1/3 vinegar.
    As soon as the frost begins to melt, sponge it off and wipe it off with a clean cloth.
    This solution has the advantage of cleaning and disinfecting the appliance.

    3 - Hot water

    Fill a spray bottle with hot water, spray the walls of the freezer with hot water and, as soon as possible, blot with a clean cloth rolled into a ball.
    Wring out the cloth, then repeat the process.

    4 - Pot of boiling water

    Put a pot of boiling water (3 to 4 liters) in the freezer.
    Close the door for 15 minutes.

    5 - Hair dryer

    Direct the hot air from your hair dryer inside the freezer onto the walls of the freezer, without touching them.
    Sponge and wipe dry.

    • Attention : Risk of electrocution

    Be careful that the hair dryer and the electrical wire do not touch the ice too closely.

    6 - Salt

    By sprinkling the walls of the fridge with fine salt the frost will melt quickly, you will only have to mop it up.

    7 - Wooden or plastic spatula

    Scratch the ice with a wooden or plastic spatula without insisting too much.

    • Attention : Do not use a knife or metal spatula to defrost a refrigerator, you risk an irreparable accident.

    8 - Fan

    To quickly defrost the freezer, open the door wide and direct the air from a fan inward.

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