9 Amazing Space-Saving Ideas for Your Small Bathroom | Tiny Bathroom Tips

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9 Amazing Space-Saving Ideas for Your Small Bathroom | Tiny Bathroom Tips

You have a small bathroom and you want to save space? Don't panic, we tell you how to do it! Already tell you that it's not so bad and if you visit a house or an apartment with a small bathroom, don't be discouraged. It's actually something quite common. That's why there are many solutions and why some interior decorators have specialized in fitting out and decorating small bathrooms. We share with you in this post of ideas, 9 of their main recommendations.

    Respect the form of your bathroom

    In fact it is a principle that applies to all the rooms in your home and even more so when they are not very spacious. If your bathroom is more developed in length, respect this form. This means that you should try to arrange this room lengthwise as much as possible. This is how you should place the furniture and even the bathroom elements such as the bathtub, sink, furniture, etc. Make sure that you still have a passage space.

    The color

    Color can make all the difference in your bathroom and even more so when it's small. As a general rule, pastel, light or bright colors are recommended because they attract light. This makes the room appear more spacious or at least brighter. White in a bathroom is the color par excellence. It is also a neutral and very common color, so if you want more originality, don't hesitate to opt for a white variant. For example, there is off-white.


    In a bathroom lighting is one of the indispensable elements. It is really one of the pillars of a successful bathroom. So don't neglect the installation of lights, lamps, LEDs and other lighting systems in your bathroom. It will never be bright enough. Good lighting should normally give the appearance of a spacious and well-designed room. 

    Storage solutions 

    Choosing the right storage solution for your bathroom, especially when it's small, is really important. It's best to go for complete solutions that can be integrated into the walls or placed under other furniture.  

    Shower or bathtub

    So in a small bathroom, the question doesn't really arise: you should choose a shower. And here again, you can save a little space by opting for a shower without a tray or even called a "walk-in shower". The fact that you don't have a base saves you space in your bathroom. You can also decide to do without a separation. 

    The flooring

    Your floor covering can also save space. Certain patterns, colors and shapes create a visual effect that makes a room longer or wider than it actually is.

    All-in-one furniture

    We have already talked about storage solutions. This time the focus is on all-in-one furniture. It's really a great idea for your bathroom if you don't have a lot of space. Here, for example, the storage unit also includes the sink.

    Use the height

    Don't forget to make intelligent use of all the space you have in your bathroom and to look up as well. This can be a very good place to put storage furniture. This way, the floor stays clear and your bathroom doesn't lose an inch of space!

    Minimalist style

    Finally we end this series dedicated to ideas for furnishing a small bathroom, with the minimalist style. It's simple: it's all about creating a layout or, and decoration with as few elements as possible. So it's ideal when you have little space. 

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