6 advices to wear your summer clothes after the school holidays

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6 advices to wear your summer clothes after the school holidays

The beautiful season stretches again after the return to school to make way for the Indian summer, so pleasant. To stay in a light mood, don't put away your clothes from the beautiful days in the back of the closet right away. How to continue to wear your favorite dress or your fetish tank top? We tell you everything.

I keep my summer dress

At the beginning of autumn, I put it on by swapping flip-flops for platform sandals and, when the mornings are cooler, velvet calf boots. Since it's neither too hot nor too cold, it's a good opportunity to subtly mix it with a denim jacket, a perfecto or a chic blazer. And if it has thin straps, don't hesitate to slip on a plain long-sleeved t-shirt to warm it up.

Never without my combi-pants

The ideal summer companion, the trouser suit, with or without sleeves, will allow you to extend your vacations. Wear it with the must-have trench coat and white sneakers for a cool look or with pumps for a more chic version.

Always in skirt

The opportunity to show off your panting legs while staying warm with a long-sleeved shirt or a colorful sweater. Natural leather sandals or sneakers will give you a more urban feel.

Go for white

You keep your white jeans, whether you combine them with a raw denim shirt or a flowered one! In general, opt for all white clothes that will bring out your tanned complexion.

Don't leave your favorite tank top

Add an open shirt to your tank top. On a straight jeans or jean skirt, you'll always have style.

The right accessories to keep for the new school year

Side shoes, one remains faithful to the espadrilles compensated which one will be able to always easily match with a midday skirt even with an ankle-length jeans. And before passing to the boots, one still makes pleasure with chic sandals with heels or flat but elegant leather sandals. The basket of your summer will be able to also accompany you a few more weeks, take advantage of it. Finally, the summer jewelry and other trinkets that you brought back from the seaside will remain for a while more beautiful effect on your golden skin. Ideal to chase the wave to the soul!

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