Does Your Cat Talk? The Language Of The Cat

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Does Your Cat Talk? The Language Of The Cat

Do cats talk? Indeed, they sometimes give the impression that they do, especially when they are between congeners and exchange vocalizations. Are our feline friends endowed with a verbal language, a little like ours? One could ask the question.

Like all social animals, cats have developed their own communication tools. But are they able to speak for all that?

    These cats that "talk": what about them?

    Feline owner or not, everyone has had, at least once in their lives, the opportunity to attend a "discussion" between cats. The scene sometimes seems surreal, so much so that the voices adopted by the animals at that moment become unusual and even resemble those of humans.

    So much so that these talkative cats give the impression that they are talking the way we do. This feeling that it arouses in us is all the more marked as the cats exchange lines while looking at each other. All the ingredients of the conversation as we conceive it are present and lead us to believe that it is indeed one that takes place between 2 cats.

    Nevertheless, no scientific study has shown, so far, that cats have this ability to speak. They do communicate, but they are not gifted with speech in the sense that we know.

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    Better understand the cat's communication

    Whether they talk or not, cats exchange information in their own way. They have a number of ways to communicate that they use depending on the situation.

    The most common are, of course, meowing, the distinctive cries of the species, but also body language elements and purring. It is important to learn to decipher the main codes in order to better understand your cat and thus ensure the best possible relationship with the animal.

    The meows

    The cat's meows come in a wide variety of forms. Depending on what the animal is trying to express and the situation in which it finds itself, it will adopt different intonations, frequencies, lengths and intensities of mewing.

    The cat meows, for example, when he has a need to express: he wants to go out, he is hungry... He also does it when he asks for attention and affection. We also see meows of joy at the time of reunion in the evening. The animal also makes its cry because it is annoyed or frustrated, if a prey or a coveted object is out of reach, for example. Meows also occur in case of conflict or during heat, when the cat wants to show that she is ready to mate.

    It is in these various ways that the cat "speaks".

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    Body language

    The cat also uses its body to express itself. The body language is made up of postures and gestures that are specific to the cat and that every owner is invited to understand.

    For example, when it is happy and relaxed, the cat may start rolling on the floor or rubbing itself against its owner's legs.

    If, on the other hand, it is under stress or on the alert, it keeps its eyes open, its pupils dilated and its ears become very mobile.

    The cat therefore also talks with its body.

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    The purring

    Most of the time, the cat's purring expresses its pleasure and well-being, but it can also reflect other less positive feelings.

    The feline thus starts to purr when faced with a tense situation, trying to defuse it. Purring is also sometimes emitted when the cat is scared or stressed.

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