Here's how to vampirize a man in 10 Simple Techniques

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Here's how to vampirize a man in 10 Simple Techniques

To keep him, you have to get him hooked!

You've fallen in love with a man but he doesn't seem to be under your spell yet.

You send him clear signs that you are attracted to him and that you would like something more concrete, but he doesn't listen.

Either he's not interested (but you're an extraordinary woman so it doesn't make sense) or he's not very good at spotting the signs of flirting.

Or, you're at the beginning of a relationship that looks promising and you want to make sure you keep your man's attention focused only on you.

You barely know each other but you seem to have a lot in common.

So you want to make sure he doesn't slip through your fingers and find a better partner than you.

Whatever your romantic situation, you seek advice on how to enchant the object of your affection like an enchantress of yesteryear.

In fact, you want him to become addicted to you to the point of becoming your knight in shining golden armor.

In short, you want to monopolize his attention to seduce him and push him to honor you and your relationship.

    What are the secrets that will allow you to bewitch your man?

    Well, it is not difficult to seduce a man. You flutter your eyelashes and smile when he talks and the deal is in the bag.

    But, where things get tough is when you want that attraction to last. When you want to make sure you keep the passion alive, you have to put in place a few techniques.

    For example, to avoid the routine or even the evaporation of the excitement of the first few moments of the relationship, you need to make an effort to keep your man on the alert.

    So here are 10 tips to vampirize the object of your affection and make sure it will be yours forever (at least for a while... Let's not be too demanding either!). 

    Don't pretend to be someone you're not.

    If you're not a social butterfly and your life doesn't look like an episode of Gossip Girl, don't lie to him!

    Don't try to make yourself look good or pretend that you have an extraordinarily exciting life just to make her want to be a part of your life.

    So, if you spend your evenings watching Life's Sweetest by Eating Ice Cream, be honest.

    Don't apologize for being who you are. And, don't sell him the dream, because sooner or later he's going to realize the deception.

    You can always find interesting and funny ways to make your life intriguing, while still being honest.

    Even if you have 5 cats and a job that washes you down.

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    Don't just focus on your relationship, continue to lead an exciting personal life.

    When you choose a new hobby or when you decide to dedicate a free moment to your passion, you create excitement in your life.

    You get out of the routine, meet new people and nurture your creativity and motivation.

    And all this is good for your personal life and your love life.

    He will soon realize that you have a full and satisfying life. In fact, he might even be jealous of the attention you give to your passion.

    In that case, he'll feel like he's competing with your hobbies for your attention.

    Men love a challenge. It's good for their ego!

    Whatever happens, respect your limits!

    Sometimes when we fall in love with a man, we find it hard to bear the idea that he is moving away from us in any way.

    We even panic. And, this fear can push us to do anything. But you have to understand something: you must never break the rules and exceed the limits you set.

    You start begging him to stay with you, you sleep with him way too early, and you accept crumbs of his love when you know you deserve his full attention.

    All of a sudden, your self-confidence starts to disappear. So you have to make a list of your personal limits and promise yourself that you will never go beyond them just for the sake of a man's love.

    If you need a reminder, write it down on a piece of paper and stick it on the bathroom mirror.

    That way, every morning you will see this list and remember that you are the most important person in your life.

    If he misbehaves, don't let him off too easily.

    When a man changes his behaviour and stops being a gentleman, you immediately tell yourself that he is distancing himself.

    And, the fear of losing him makes our heads spin. So we cover him with love and attention in the hope of keeping him.

    But, really? This behavior is completely unhealthy. So, when you call him to talk about his behaviour or when you apologize (why are you apologizing?) so that he feels comfortable enough to come back, what do you tell him?

    You prove to him that he will get more love and attention if he behaves like a nobody.

    Of course, if he deserves your attention, give it to him, but if not, control your emotions.

    Don't reward him for his bad behaviour. It doesn't make sense! You have to ignore it.

    But don't be dramatic either, because even negative attention is more exciting than no attention.

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    Use your intelligence in an intelligent way!

    Many intelligent women make a crucial mistake. They do everything they can to prove to their men how smart they are.

    But, they don't realize that they're just being a know-it-all.

    Thus, they seem arrogant but also insecure. YOU DON'T HAVE TO PROVE ANYTHING.

    Especially not to a man. If you're smart, he'll realize that. Don't worry!

    So, you don't have to show him all your knowledge or tell him over and over again, "You know, I'm smart".

    Instead, use your intelligence to make him think you're impertinent. Make jokes and even play cat and mouse, which is a sexy verbal version.

    He'll soon realize that you're a spiritual woman who hides her game well.

    Turn yourself into a sensual woman.

    Can you imagine a jellyfish swimming in the sea? She doesn't have a rigid body and she moves smoothly and fluidly.

    Above all, it doesn't make any sudden movements. Well, there you go... When you're with your man, you have to keep this image of the jellyfish.

    Why do you need to keep that image? Because it will allow you to become a more sensual woman. You see the allegory I made? Hmm...

    In fact, the idea is simple. You should try to relax the muscles in your face, shoulders, hips and thighs.

    In short, you need to relax! If you're relaxed, you'll be more intimate with him. That way, you can cuddle his arm or whisper sweet words in his ear.

    Body language is extremely important when you want to get your man's attention.

    And, sensuality will help you get an emotional response from the person you are flirting with.

    Stop the mystery!

    So, I can't even explain to you the reaction I get every time I hear advice like, "Don't reveal yourself" or "Stay mysterious".

    That's a load of crap! Of course, I'm not saying that you have to reveal everything to your man as if he were a priest in a confessional.

    But you must understand that the real mystery of a woman lies in her ability to be open and honest.

    So when you can talk to a man about your touching childhood memories or your naughty little pleasures, he sees you as a multi-faceted woman.

    In fact, you appear as a complex person who is at once gentle, intelligent, deep and in tune with herself.

    And, it is this mystery that will make him addicted. He will then do everything to discover what is still hidden behind your angelic face.

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    Control your impulses.

    Do you want to call him? To talk constantly to avoid white noise in the discussion? Sit next to him? Make plans for next weekend?

    It's normal because you want to take action to create a much deeper connection with your man.

    But, you have to control that impulse. Control yourself, damn it! Okay, I'm getting a little carried away, but the idea is that you have to be a little reserved.

    Don't go near him, but don't go away either. In short, don't chase after him but don't play the difficult woman.

    Stay where you are and don't move. Adopt your new sensual attitude and prepare to receive his advances.

    Indeed, he won't be able to stand the idea that you won't do anything to titillate him so he will go first. And, bingo!

    Vanity isn't always a bad flaw.

    To vampirize your man, you must first learn to take advantage of the attention of men in general.

    Your ability to love and value yourself will make you much more attractive to your man.

    If, in addition, you know how to appreciate the attention that you receive, he will see desire to launch out in a game of sensual seduction.

    Women who are capable of intellectual foreplay are much more attractive.

    So, put forward your assets without being vulgar. Do you like your eyes? Your curves?

    Focus on the body part you like best at home and learn to love yourself.

    For example, when a man seems to give you sexual attention, tell yourself that he is focusing on that part of your body.

    Don't be afraid of sexting.

    Whether you've been together for a long time or just yesterday (in a manner of speaking, of course), you need to find a way to use technology to breathe new life into your relationship.

    Be creative and smart with your choice of words. In fact, you need to get them to think about your feminine magnetism even when you're not there.

    So, sexting or naughty photos (if you trust him completely) can be a great way to rekindle the passion between you.

    Moreover, it will allow you to avoid the routine and boredom that are killing more and more couples these days.

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