How To Clean an Iron Soleplate

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iron how to clean the iron soleplate iron cleaning tip

How do I clean an iron soleplate? Does your iron leave marks on linen or clothes? The iron no longer slips and even sticks to the linen. So why take this risk when it is so easy to clean the iron? Check out our 13 quick cleaning tips for cleaning the iron soleplate.

    Cleaning the iron


    4 tips for cleaning the iron soleplate


    Clean your iron :

    - only if it is unplugged
    - when it is warm and not hot.

    Do not clean a Teflon iron soleplate with :

    - The abrasive side of the sponge or any product that could scratch it.
    - A sponge or cloth that is not carefully wrung out.

    13 tips to clean all irons

    On the iron soleplate still warm, clean with :

    1 - 70° alcohol

    Clean the iron soleplate with a cloth soaked in alcohol at 70°.
    Then wipe with a cloth moistened with water.
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    2 - Bicarbonate

    Wipe a cloth dampened with a solution of baking soda melted in hot water.
    (One tablespoon of baking soda to one teacup of hot water).
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    3 - Hydrogen peroxide

    Wipe the sole with a cloth moistened with hydrogen peroxide.
    Then wipe with a clean damp cloth.
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    4 - Magic gum sponge

    Moisten the sponge slightly and then clean the iron soleplate.
    After each of these cleanings, wipe the soleplate with a cloth dampened with water and wrung out well.
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    5 - Clay stone

    Clean the iron soleplate with a sponge impregnated with clay stone or white stone.

    6 - Marseille Soap

    Scrub the soleplate with soap and then clean with a clean damp cloth. 

    With the iron still hot and unplugged, turn the iron back on:


    7 - Slices of candles

    Place these strips between two pieces of wool and iron.

    Yellowed iron soleplate, covered with teflon or not


    8 - Lemon juice  

    Wipe the yellowed iron sole with a cloth soaked in lemon juice.
    Then wipe with a cloth moistened with water.

    9 - Vinegar

    Pass over the warm iron on a cloth soaked in vinegar.
    Just after these cleanings pass a cloth moistened with water well wrung out.

    Clean the iron soleplate in iron


    10 - Emery cloth for fine grain metal

    Clean the very dirty iron sole plate by running a very fine emery cloth over it.

    Clean sticky iron soleplate


    11 - Nail polish remover

    Clean a metal iron soleplate that sticks to clothes with nail polish remover. Then wipe with a cloth dampened with water.

    Cleaning a burnt iron soleplate


    12 - Oven cleaner

    Wipe the soleplate of the iron with a cloth moistened with oven cleaner.
    Do not spray directly on the soleplate. Wipe with a sheet of paper towels and then with a cloth moistened with water.

    Cleaning the soleplate of the steam iron


    13 - Diluted vinegar

    Pass through the holes a cotton bud slightly moistened with vinegar diluted by half.

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