How To Clean PVC Windows

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How to clean PVC windows

What product should I use to clean a PVC window? Over time, PVC windows and shutters, especially if they are white, get dirty quickly and tend to become greyish. So even with a good cleaning it is almost impossible for them to regain their original whiteness... Unless you follow this advice!

    What to clean a PVC window with: 8 easy tips

    1 - Soapy water + white vinegar

    Clean the PVC window or sash with a sponge soaked in soapy water and white vinegar.
    Rinse with a water jet.
    Wipe as soon as possible with a terry towel.

    • Attention : Avoid cleaning the PVC with the abrasive side of the sponge, you could scratch it.
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    What to use to clean a very dirty PVC window

    2 - Household alcohol

    Clean the entire window or PVC shutter, insisting on stains, with a cloth impregnated with household alcohol.

    3 - Bicarbonate of soda + soapy water + vinegar

    Clean the window or shutter with a sponge soaked in soapy water and white vinegar, sprinkled with baking soda.

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    4 - Soda crystals

    Clean the window and shutter with a sponge soaked in hot water in which you will have poured soda crystals.
    Rinse generously;

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    5 - Oven cleaner

    If the window and shutter are really very dirty, do not hesitate to clean them by spraying some product on them to clean the oven.
    Let ¼ work for an hour.
    Scrub off any remaining stains.
    Rinse with plenty of water, paying attention to any plantings that may suffer from this product.

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    What to use to whiten the PVC of the window

    6 - Hydrogen peroxide

    Wipe the entire surface of the furniture with a cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide.
    Rinse and dry.

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    With what to shine and protect the PVC of the window

    7 - Renov'Guard

    This product revives the color of the PVC of the window, sashes and handles by protecting them from stains.
    The effect is long-lasting: the treatment is UV and weather resistant.
    Apply a thin, even layer with the microfiber cloth on a clean, dust-free, degreased and dry window.
    - After 10 minutes, carefully wipe and polish the treated surface with the dry microfiber cloth.

    8 - Wax

    Restore the shine to the shutter and window by waxing them with a car wax.
    Moreover, afterwards, their next cleaning will be easier.

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