How To Clean White Shoe Laces

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How To Clean White Shoe Laces

How to clean shoe laces that have become grey and stained over time. Dirty laces make shoes or sneakers look unattractive. Some people use bleach, but it turns the laces yellow. How to restore the laces to their original whiteness. Discover 10 tips to wash your white shoe laces.

    Whitening white shoe laces : 10 tips

    Whiten the laces by hand

    Remove the laces and soak them for 2 to 3 hours in the sink or bowl with :

    1 - Sodium Bicarbonate

    Soak your laces in hot soapy water in which you have dissolved 250 g of baking soda.
    After 2 or 3 hours, rub the laces with a nail brush.

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    2 - Whitening

    If the result is not satisfactory, if the laces are not white enough, soak them for a long time in a bath of very hot water with added whitening product, adding boiling water regularly so that the water remains very hot.
    Scrub then rinse.

    3 - Soda crystals

    Let the laces soak in warm water + the contents of a cup of soda crystals for at least 2 hours.
    Rub the laces.

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    4 - Boiling water, lye and cut lemon or lemon juice

    Soak the laces in a basin or filled with hot water and lemon slices.

    5 - Hydrogen peroxide

    Add one glass of hydrogen peroxide (30%) to the soapy water in the bowl.

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    6 - Dishwasher detergent

    Wash the laces by soaking them in hot water with a tablet or dishwasher detergent powder.
    Scrub and rinse under the tap.

    7- Sodium percarbonate

    This white powder, composed of both sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide, nicknamed solid hydrogen peroxide, restores shine to greying or yellowing white linen.
    To whiten the laces, soak them for at least 2 hours in hot water and percarbonate (1 measuring spoonful for 5 litres of hot water).

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    Machine washing of white laces

    Machine washing the laces will clean them but will not whiten them.
    To bleach the laces, enclose them in a laundry net, then turn the machine on by adding to the laundry tub :

    8 - Lemon

    Blanch the laces by adding the juice of one lemon to the laundry tray.

    9 - Soda crystals

    Add 1/2 cup (125 ml) of soda crystals to each wash to make the white whiter and the colors brighter, while reducing limescale deposits in the machine.

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    10 - Salt of sorrel

    A crystalline, odourless and colourless powder, sorrel salt, called oxalic acid, restores whiteness to greying tissues.
    Pour one tablespoon of sorrel salt into the washing machine's wash tub.

    Dry the laces

    Place the wet laces on a terry towel in the open air or hang them in the sun.
    The sun is an excellent whitening agent.
    yellow, green and red laces spread out

    How to clean color shoe laces

    Avoid hydrogen peroxide, bicarbonate, soda crystals and percarbonate of soda, which can cause the laces to fade.

    - Hot soapy water and vinegar

    Soak them in a solution of hot water and white vinegar by half by adding a drop of liquid detergent, brush them, then rinse under running water.
    Dry them in the open air, but not in the sun, as the laces may discolour.

    Problems with your shoe laces

    Fraying laces

    If your laces start to fray at the end, apply a coat of clear nail polish.
    - Or to keep your shoelaces from slipping out of your shoes longer, reinforce them by machine stitching a few seams along each laces.

    Shoelaces that untie often

    Spray the laces with a little cold water before tying them.
    - Or wipe them in wax or soap.

    No more losing the shoelaces in the machine

    Machine wash them in a net.

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