How To Remove Limescale From Glass

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How To Remove Limescale From Glass

How to remove limescale? Sometimes routine glass cleaning is not enough to remove water or limescale stains on a window or glass pane or the glass walls of the shower. Limescale stains are very resistant on glass.  Simple tips for removing water stains and lime deposits to make the glass shine.

    How to remove limescale from glass

    Rain or shower water may leave scale stains on the windows, very ingrained, resistant to all products.

    12 tips to remove lime scale stains on the glass

    1 - Acetone

    With the window wide open, clean with an acetone-impregnated cloth, but only as a last resort, if all other solutions have failed.

    2 - Citric acid

    With your hands protected by household gloves, clean the glass with a cloth impregnated with a solution of one liter of hot water and 4 tablespoons of citric acid.

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    3 - Household alcohol

    Clean with newspaper soaked in household alcohol.

    4 - Blanc de Meudon/water/alcohol

    Apply a paste with 1/3 of blanc de Meudon or Spanish white, 1/3 of water and 1/3 of methylated spirits.

    When the paste is dry, rub with a microfiber cloth.

    5 - WC descaler

    Spray with descaling toilet cleaner, remembering to protect your hands with household gloves, then clean with a cloth.

    6 - Hot water / vinegar / salt  

    Remove tartar that clogs the windows with a cloth largely soaked in a mixture of one liter of hot water, a glass of white vinegar and a handful of salt.

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    7 - Rinsing liquid

    Spray the dishwasher rinse and then clean with a microfibre cloth.

    8 - Newsprint and vinegar

    Rub them with newspaper rolled into a ball wetted with white vinegar.

    9 - Clay stone

    Clean with a damp sponge with a little clay stone added.

    10- Clay stone / alcohol

    Clean with a cloth moistened with clay stone and a few drops of household alcohol.

    11 - Vinegar/oil

    Clean with a cloth soaked in white vinegar and a drop of salad oil.

    12 - Bicarbonate and essential oils

    In a large bowl or a small bowl pour bicarbonate of soda (5 tablespoons), add 3 drops of lemon essential oil and 3 drops of peppermint essential oil.


    Then cover this mixture with hot water.

    Add 8 tablespoons of vinegar.

    Mix well.

    Transfer the mixture to a bottle with a spray bottle, using a funnel.

    Shake well.

    Spray the shower glass.

    Then clean with a microfiber cloth.

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