How to Remove Urine Stains From Mattress: Tips and Guidelines ...

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how to clean mattresses urine stain how to remove urine stain on mattresses

How to remove a urine stain on a mattress? Urine stains, such as perspiration stains, have the peculiarity of being very widespread on the mattress and of smelling bad. If you try to clean just the urine stain, your mattress will inevitably be covered with halos. Follow our tips and advice to effectively and inexpensively remove urine stain on your mattress.

    Removing a urine stain on a mattress: 3 tips before cleaning

    1- Removal of the mattress

    Detach your mattress as early as possible in the morning, so it will be dry in the evening and you can sleep in your bed.

    2 - Open the bed wide

    No question of cleaning a mattress halfway. To remove extensive stains, it must be completely free of sheets and blankets.

    3 - The stain remover

    Ammonia, which is the best stain remover for this kind of stains, is a product that can become toxic to health.
    Always use it very diluted.
    And when stain removal, protect your hands with household gloves, open wide the windows, do not smoke, and avoid breathing the vapours that this product gives off, protecting yourself if possible with a mask.

    To clean a urine-stained mattress

    You will need :

    • A bowl
    • Warm water
    • Liquid dishwashing liquid
    • Ammonia
    • 2 new or clean sponges
    • 2 sponge toilet gloves
    • Household gloves
    • A hair dryer

    Cleaning the stained mattress in 7 steps

    1 - Fill the bowl with hot water

    then pour a few drops of liquid dishwashing detergent and the contents (or more) of a coffee cup of ammonia.

    2 - Clean

    Hands protected by household gloves, using a sponge impregnated with the cleaning solution, then wring it out.
    Thoroughly clean the mattress, insisting on stains.
    For the urine cleaning to be effective, the mattress must be scrubbed with the water-ammonia-wash solution.

    3 - Empty the bowl.

    Fill it with hot water.
    Pass the other sponge impregnated with hot water, wringing it out a little, over the entire surface of the mattress.

    4 - Rub the mattress

    Scrub the mattress all over with terry towels or terrycloth towels.
    As soon as the glove or towel is dirty, change sides and then change glove or towel.

    5 - Direct the warm air from the hair dryer onto the mattress for a long time.

    Just because the fabric looks dry doesn't mean that the inside of the mattress is dry.  
    So don't redo the bed!
    Direct the warm air from the hair dryer on the mattress for a long time.
    Let the mattress finish air drying.

    6 - Get rid of the bad smell of urine or ammonia from the mattress.

    When the mattress is finally dry, sprinkle it with a thick layer of baking soda.
    Before redoing it, vacuum the mattress.

    7 - Do not redo your bed until you go to bed.

    A wet mattress, even in places, can become mouldy.
    And if it gets mouldy, it will not only smell bad, it will be toxic to your health.

    Murphette's cleaning tip

    To stain and clean a mattress with stains, I first rub the stain with a mixture of water and turpentine.
    Then I use an extractor steam cleaner, like the one I use to clean carpets/carpets.
    I do it once a year and my mattress is like new again, no more stains and it is already almost dry because the water has been removed and vacuumed.

    The cleaning tip from Volkene

    Rather than using ammonia (which smells strong) I use hydrogen peroxide and baking soda which are perfectly odourless.


    - 0.5 liters of 3% hydrogen peroxide - 4 tablespoons of baking soda - a drop of washing-up liquid (literally a drop)
    Put the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda in a spray, then shake well so that the baking soda is completely diluted.
    Only then add the drop of washing-up liquid (otherwise there will be foam if you add it before).
    Ideally applied in the morning to let it dry during the day:
    - Always vacuum the mattress beforehand, long slow passes to vacuum thoroughly.
    - Spray the mixture on the stains so that they are well moistened.
    - Sprinkle the entire wet area with baking soda (and yes again).
    To do this, I use a strainer or sprinkle the baking soda through it, this way I have a better dispersion of the powder. - Let it dry in the open air (I leave it for 8 hours but a mattress placed in the sun will dry much faster) -
    Vacuum the mattress to remove the baking soda.

    What to avoid:

    • Rub a damp sponge on the mattress.
    • Leaning with your hand on the wet fabric
    • - Soak the mattress, especially if it is a memory foam.
    • Take 2 min before going to bed.

    It is extremely effective against urine stains and yellowing of sweat.
    If after a first treatment there are still small yellowish traces, start again.  

    Protecting the mattress from stains and dust mites

    Spray on the Texguard mattress.

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