My Man Speaks Badly To Me How Should I React?

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My man speaks badly to me how should I react

My husband speaks badly to me before going any further, I would like to bounce back on the title of this article that I entitled My husband speaks badly to me. Nevertheless, psychological violence strikes indiscriminately and I would like to tell male readers that the advice is also adapted to their situation. Simply, to be more readable, it is preferable to retain only one gender and therefore honor women!

Love is often an incomparable sensation and brings intense well-being and fulfillment. But then again, it is impossible to always be in agreement with one's spouse. When arguments arise and differences are repeated, it may be that your quarrels go too far and that words exceed thoughts. If you think my husband speaks badly to me and I can't stand it anymore, follow these tips to understand his reactions and especially to restore respect in your couple.

Is my boyfriend talking badly to me or am I exaggerating?

Sometimes the most difficult thing is to know where the line is between what is acceptable because you are fighting and the lack of respect in the couple.

Displaced words are still acceptable!

We all, or almost all of us, have our little moments that are not very glorious towards our partner. It can be a small crisis, a word spoken too loudly or a negative attitude. Even if sometimes you don't accept his behaviour, you must try to keep control so that everything doesn't get out of hand.

Sometimes we can't control ourselves and what we say is beyond our thoughts. Of course when it is repetitive it is a problem, but when it is a one-time thing and the words are not too many, forgiveness is the key. So we forget about it and in this case we must not hold a grudge.

You have to tell yourself that it happens, you are two people with your characters and your past and certain attitudes or arguments are not dramatic. But then you have to explain to him that it must not happen again. On the other hand, there are certain limits not to be crossed.

The moment when it becomes disrespectful

But sometimes it goes further and the lack of respect slaps like a whip! From small insults to humiliating contempt, these marks always leave their mark. Does your spouse constantly belittle you? Do some of his words or actions hurt you deeply? This is not acceptable.

The little spike that hurts, the loud voice that shakes or the scornful silence that freezes, these are acts that harm a couple...You must then seek and find a solution to stop such behaviour.

The first step is to ask why this lack of respect? After analyzing the context, it is necessary to act in order to stop it.  It is therefore essential to know why your partner behaves in this way with you before knowing how to react to deal with the situation.

Why does my husband talk badly to me?

It is completely normal for you to have arguments in your relationship because you cannot always agree and sometimes you try to impose yourself. On the other hand, humiliation in the couple and insults in the couple are unacceptable. These are indeed acts and words that demean you and hurt you! The life of a couple is made of more or less aggressive passes of arms. There are then two possible explanations through physical and psychological factors. There is also another factor, which is that the fact of speaking badly is becoming normality.

Physical factors that lead to aggression

Life is far from simple. Between too much work, accumulating fatigue, managing daily stress and the hazards of life, there are many physical factors that can lead to a breakdown.

And the first to suffer is the partner. Verbal slip-ups can occur for a yes or no in these circumstances. This is the pressure cooker effect.

You lose control because you're human and you break down. Beware, this is absolutely not an excuse but an explanation when my husband speaks badly to me.

The psychological factors that lead to bad speech in his half

In an article, a psychologist likened love to a battlefield! I might as well tell you that I was particularly shocked by the comparison. Even if I am the first to say that love is complicated, when it comes to this stage, separation must be considered.

You really have to be aware that feelings are not everything in a relationship. Because there is something even stronger. It is happiness! And when you get to the point where you equate couple with conflict, it's because the relationship is going in the wrong direction.

Nevertheless, the life of couple it is not the world of the teddy bears for all that!

It goes without saying that one must mark one's territory, whether one wishes to prioritize one's interests or wants to make the final decisions.  And this is where one may want to take over and dominate one's wife.

When you go through this without saying a word, there is a profound problem. If this is your case, you need to assert yourself! Because by dint of not saying anything, it becomes normal for the other person who then risks crushing you.

My husband speaks badly to me because it has become normal.

This stage is the consequence of several months or years of tension and acceptance of disrespect.

So we tell ourselves that if my husband speaks badly to me it's probably because he can't control himself. The mistake would be to tell ourselves that it has become normal. Or even worse, when he's angry it's because his love is very strong and he wants you to get better.

Never let yourself be belittled in this way and never make excuses for him. Feelings have nothing to do with it... It's not normal and he needs to change, or rather, he needs to go back to being who he was.

How to deal with hurtful words in the couple?

"My husband insults and belittles me" is a situation that many women experience on a daily basis. Your relationship probably wasn't like that at first, but now it's repetitive and you find it hard to deal with it. Fortunately, nothing is irredeemable.

To put an end to this burdensome situation, follow these 3 tips to help you face your husband's negative behavior.

If he speaks to me badly, I must act and above all, don't let him do it to me!

Under these conditions, there is no point in hiding your face. Your husband has a problem with you and he probably has a hard time putting up with you, that's why he talks badly to you or why he pulls the pin regularly! In any case, if it goes bad all the time, there is a recurring problem and you need to know what it is.

In any case, under these conditions, don't think that time will help and that his behavior will change.

Confront the situation with guts and determination. Let him or her do it when he or she is upset, and don't intervene immediately. Let the pressure die down, but don't give up on his behaviour by pretending it never happened.

Don't let the disrespect in the relationship take hold!

If your husband persists in this attitude and you don't react, then be prepared to live with it for the rest of your life. Don't accept the situation and fight it intelligently, that is, without creating new tensions.

Is your husband talking to you badly? Don't play into his hands!

Shouting, insults, hurtful words... Answering your spouse in the same tone as he does risks breaking communication in the couple! So even if it hurts you, don't respond with insults. On the contrary, try to answer him/her calmly and try to calm down to put an end to the storm.

We know all too well what provocation is all about. Don't let the situation get out of hand.

Running away at this point is not a bad idea or an admission of weakness. On the contrary, it is a sign of maturity. Because the reality is clear, you can't have a discussion with a person who is in danger of exploding at any moment. Even worse, who could be violent. Because yes, it is the logical continuation after the words that hurt is physical violence.

Then, it is necessary to start a serene and positive dialogue to study together what could improve things and avoid reaching this stage. We need concrete solutions and some compromises if necessary.

But this implies that your spouse who speaks to you badly or raises his voice should not be in denial of his actions. He must be aware that his behaviour is not acceptable and that he needs to improve the way he behaves.

If he doesn't realize that his attitude is hurting or scaring you, it is imperative that you have a distant attitude. This is to show him that you are capable of dealing with him in ways other than violence.

He doesn't respect me anymore, I have to regain confidence!

Belittlement is a form of psychological pressure that can quickly destroy a person. Words or actions are intended to devalue the other person and create a negative anchor in his or her mind.

So you tell yourself after a while that your husband may be right, you come to doubt and devalue yourself. Worse still, you risk depression. This can lead to a situation of confinement as well as a loss of reference points.

The result is a loss of self-confidence and self-esteem because of these repeated belittlements.

The goal now is to not allow yourself to be destabilized or even worse to doubt yourself and your ability to bring happiness to someone else.

So to regain your self-confidence, play sports, take care of yourself and work on your personal development... Whatever solution you prefer, do things that will make you feel better about yourself. Because that's how you'll be able to assert yourself in front of a husband who speaks badly.

If you feel that your self-confidence is gradually collapsing, I advise you to follow my 30-day training as soon as possible to gain confidence! This is the only way you will be able to assert yourself in front of him (or her!).

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