6 Tips To Improve The Cohabitation Between Your Cat And Your Dog

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6 Tips To Improve The Cohabitation Between Your Cat And Your Dog

How to improve the cohabitation between a cat and a dog within the same family?
Cats and dogs have the reputation of not getting along. However, in many households, canids and felines live in perfect symbiosis and almost never come into conflict. Of course, the cohabitation between cat and dog is generally better than the animals were used to living together very early on. Nevertheless, even with adults, it is possible to make them tolerate each other and, why not, become friends.

Other important factors come into play, such as the education of the cat and the dog, their socialization and their respective character traits. You must therefore adapt to these specificities and find the right way to encourage closer relationships.

Here are 6 tips that could help you do so.

    Prepare your cat for the meeting

    A harmonious cohabitation between cat and dog requires the preparation of both parts. Each must understand that the other is neither a threat nor a prey to hunt. Generally, the cat is the one who is the most afraid when he has to meet a dog, even if there are exceptions.

    So, if you have a cat and you are about to introduce him to a dog, help him integrate the idea that the dog is not his enemy. If you have the opportunity to introduce your cat to other dogs before your own, take the opportunity to get your cat used to the presence of the other species. Caress your cat while it observes the dog from a distance and don't hesitate to give it a treat as a reward. The goal is for him to associate the event with a positive feeling.

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    Prepare your dog as well

    The dog must also be prepared to meet a cat. Here again, positive education, through rewards, generally leads to satisfactory results.

    The dog must understand that the cat is not there to be chased or mistreated. As with all training, reward him every time he behaves well with the cat. Caress it, talk to it in a playful tone, offer it a treat or hand it its favourite toy. With work, time and patience, he will associate his good behavior towards the cat with something pleasant.

    Manage the encounter

    Get used to each other's scent. You can, for example, introduce your dog to the cat's blanket and vice versa, giving him time to sniff it before they meet.

    Also make sure that both the cat and the dog have the opportunity to move away or even run away if they get scared. Forcing them to meet each other and locking them up makes it a traumatic experience for both of them.

    It is also possible to use soothing pheromones if you feel your cat is tense in the presence of the dog.

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    Provide a high-rise shelter for the cat

    Your cat must be able to have a high place, both during introductions and later, during the actual living together. Cat trees, shelves, wall or hanging platforms... It doesn't matter, as long as the cat is sure it will be out of reach of the dog.

    The goal for the cat is that its high shelter serves as a place of escape, rest and observation at the same time. This will give the cat plenty of time to look at the dog and to understand that, in the end, it represents no threat to the dog.

    Respect each person's habits and separate resources.

    Cat and dog are 2 territorial animals. Each needs its own space for resting, eating and hygiene (litter box for the cat). You must therefore ensure that neither party encroaches on the other's territory. Separate their resources to make each one understand that they have nothing to fear from the other for them.

    Bedding and toys should also be separated. But over time, if the arrangement is worked out, the cat and dog may be able to sleep together or even share toys.

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    Giving everyone their share of attention

    Give everyone the attention and tenderness they are entitled to expect from you. Don't "cheat" by favouring one or the other. Cats and dogs are very sensitive to this. If one of them has the feeling that you are abandoning one in favour of the other, this will only create a climate of mistrust towards the other or reinforce it if it is already in place. Treat them equally in terms of time, games and hugs.

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