True Love : The 10 Behaviors Of A Man Made For You

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True Love : The 10 Behaviors Of A Man Made For You

It is rare to find true love. But, it is the most beautiful experience a person can have in his or her lifetime.

What is true love? It is to recognize yourself in another person's life. And, it is finding refuge in the heart of another person.

True love is discovering a new part of your soul, a part that was completely unknown to you until then.

In short, it is being in total synchronization with another human being. It's as simple as that.

Or, as complicated... It all depends on your point of view. But know one thing.

Wherever you are right now, or wherever you are tomorrow, sooner or later you're going to find the man you're supposed to spend the rest of your life with.

And, believe me, you'll know that man when he comes into your life. As they say, it will be obvious!

You probably have a friend or a woman in your family who is living a fairy tale with her partner.

They seem made for each other. They love and respect each other, and especially appreciate the time they spend together.

In fact, their mere presence gives you a warm feeling and the impression of feeling their love strongly and sincerely.

And, have you ever asked this woman how she knew that her partner was "the one"?

I sure have. No one can help but find the miracle recipe for such unique unconditional love.

And, what did she tell you? Most certainly, "As soon as we saw each other, we knew! All the noises disappeared around us. We felt like we were the only people there. Our eyes met and that was the trigger!".

Yes, true love is that!

    That's how a man who is destined to be with you behaves.

    After this story, you probably told yourself that you would really like to know this kind of osmosis.

    But, as you've had a string of disappointments in love, you wonder if this man made for you really exists.

    Yes, he does exist! Don't worry, because you will find him one day. When you least expect it, when you have lost hope, he will come into your life.

    And, you will be able to recognize it because its behavior will be the opposite of what you have known so far.

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    He will make an effort to be with you.

    He will be capable of anything for you. This man will be the living proof that love has no limits.

    He will be happy to drop everything just to spend a little more time with you.

    He won't be the type to make last-minute excuses to cancel your date.

    And, he won't choose his friends over yours. For him, the most important moments will be the ones he spends in your arms.

    In fact, he'll do everything he can to make you happy and help you reach your goals.

    He won't be afraid to go beyond his limits to make your relationship stronger and to create a more intense emotional connection.

    This man will take care of you.

    When you speak, he will look you straight in the eye. And, he will listen to everything you have to say.

    With "the one," you'll never feel like you're getting him drunk or forcing him into discussions he's not interested in.

    Besides, the right man will always be there to support you when you feel lost.

    When you need to talk about your problems, he will offer you a loving shoulder and sound advice.

    In short, he won't run away from the bad aspects of the relationship because he knows that not everything can be ideal.

    He'll remember all the little details.

    When you talk, he will always listen to you with great attention. He will know that everything you say is important.

    That way, he will know what will make you happy and smile. He will be able to give you the kind of gift you really appreciate.

    So he will always do his best to see you laugh and brighten your day.

    But he will also be aware of your weaknesses, your fears and what makes you sad.

    So he will avoid putting you in uncomfortable situations and protect you from what he perceives as threats to your happiness.

    He will be your shield against the difficulties of this world and your pedestal to joy and carefree.

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    He will take care of you.

    When you are sad or depressed, he will take you in his arms. He will comfort you and encourage you to fight.

    This man will bring you breakfast in bed and cover you with tenderness and care.

    When you need a shelter to protect you from this cruel world, he will be your comfort and your knight.

    And even when you are sick, he will never let you out of his sight. He will make soup for you and make you comfortable in bed.

    The man who will give you true love will caress your skin and always make sure that you are there, close to him.

    He will trust you completely.

    With you, he will always follow his instincts. And, his instinct will be to believe every word you say.

    His trust will have no limits. There will be no excessive jealousy or need for control.

    And, he won't be afraid of you going out alone with your friends or not getting messages from you.

    True love is when there is no doubt in the relationship. Therefore, this man will be certain of your love.

    Then he will trust it blindly. Don't betray him!

    We and we will replace I in his vocabulary.

    The man who will offer you the true love of your life will not hesitate about you. So he will use the pronoun we.

    Why will he use the pronoun we? Because, in his mind, there won't be a more perfect person for him.

    He'll know that he's found the woman he's supposed to end his life with. That way, he won't be afraid to commit to a serious love relationship.

    He will choose you as his life partner over and over again. Without any doubt or hesitation.

    In fact, for the first time in your life, you will feel like you are someone's priority.

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    That man will believe in you.

    The man who will make you know true love will believe in you deeply. And, he will prove to you that you are capable of doing whatever you want to do.

    This man will give you the strength to move forward and pursue even your wildest dreams.

    And even if the odds are against you, he will continue to push you forward.

    For him, you will have all the talents and abilities you need to succeed. And, he'll know that all you need is a little push, someone who believes in you.

    And, that person will be him.

    He will calm your worries and fears.

    True love won't make your hands shake and your heart shiver. At least not in a bad way.

    Indeed, the presence of this man in your life will help you to calm even the most terrifying and incomprehensible fears of your soul.

    He will listen to you talk about your worries and fears and find effective ways of writing them off.

    He will caress your wounds and comfort your soul. In fact, with the man of your life, you will feel safe.

    You will know that you can face anything and that you have no reason to be afraid because he will always be at your side to face any storm.

    This man will push you to become the best possible version of yourself.

    Believe me when I tell you that the man who will give you a chance for true love is the man who will encourage you to be yourself.

    He won't try to change you and he won't point out your personality or physical defects.

    He will accept you as you are and will not push you to be unfaithful to yourself.

    It would be a betrayal for him to ask you to become someone you are not.

    Then he will be there for you and he will push you to change, yes... but to change to become better.

    To become a version of yourself that you can be proud of.

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    He won't be afraid to be vulnerable to you.

    A man who will open up to you and who will not be afraid to show his weaknesses and vulnerabilities will be a person who is ready to help you discover true love.

    Indeed, in a loving relationship where respect, trust and communication reign, there can be no missteps.

    So you will know that this man is "the one" if he is able to be completely honest with you. Even about his faults or mistakes.

    He will not try to make himself look perfect. He will be honest and share all his secrets with you because he will know he is safe.

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