Wearing a bra or not

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Wearing a bra or not

Fed up with wearing a bra? To wear or not to wear a bra is a question that more and more women ask themselves, especially after confinement. Indeed during the telework they tasted the joys of getting dressed most simply and especially without hindrance. More and more women want to be comfortable, free of their movements. But is the bra good or bad? And is not wearing a bra shocking or not? How to avoid embarrassing remarks? If the problem can be easily solved for small breasts for others it is more difficult to give up the bra. Are there alternatives? And which ones?

    Don't wear a bra anymore

    Shoulder straps that cut into the shoulders, underwires that tighten and prevent breathing and ties that bite into the back are not mandatory.

    And no one has ever been able to prove that wearing a bra was necessary to preserve the beauty and health of one's breasts.

    Going without a bra is only a little more complicated for those with larger breasts.

    But small breasts or large breasts no hurry! All is not done in one day.

    How to stop wearing a bra

    To get used to and accustom your breasts to going without a bra, the ideal is to start taking it off first in the evening when you get home and then during the weekend or vacations.

    Go gradually.

    And if the experience seems pleasant, then continue outside the home, one day, then two ...

    By dint of depriving yourself of a bra, you will notice that the breasts, especially if they are large, which may have been tight at first, will even get stronger.

    It is in social life that problems really arise: unpleasant or ironic remarks.

    What solution to avoid glances and remarks

    If you are embarrassed by the look of your entourage, if you don't want your nipples to be guessed, and you don't accept having sagging breasts, which weigh down your silhouette, there are several solutions to replace your bra.

    6 solutions to maintain your breasts without a standard bra

    To no longer be bothered by a bra while maintaining your breasts, while waiting to completely do without it or not, some models offer a good transition to the No Bra :

    6 solutions to maintain your breasts without a standard bra

    1 - Bralette

    Between the bra, the bustier and the bra, the bralette, very trendy for some time, is very comfortable while being hyper sexy. 

    Although without underwire, thanks to its wide straps and because it is covering, it offers a good support, ideal thus for the slightly strong breasts.

    alternative bra to the bralette bra maintain breast without bra

    2 - Strapless bra

    The only interest of this strapless bra is not to saw the shoulders.
    As long as to make choose a model without underwire.

    bra alternative to bandeau bras wear bandeau in place of bra

    3 - Sports bra

    Great trend among modern women with big cups, wear the bras of sportswomen.
    Soft and light, not tight, easy to put on and wash, you will find this sport bra in all colors and styles in sports stores.

    bra Sports bra to replace bra

    4 - Seamless tank top

    This seamless, often polyamide and elastane tank top style is easy to put on and wash, thanks to its sheathing effect that refines the waist, tummy and breasts it holds.

    It also has the advantage of keeping warm under clothes in winter.

    bra no bra Seamless tank top bra replacement

    5 - Bra leotard

    Used by dancers, because reinforced at the chest, the leotard can have a round, square or V neckline, straps like sleeves.

    no bra replace bra leotard integrated bra

    6 - Adhesive breast lift up bra

    Strapless and underwire-free, comfortable and practical, invisible under clothing, this bra is held in place by adhesive.

    In the shape of a cup, it raises the bust for a natural push up effect, without fear that it might come off.
    You just have to replace the protective film of the adhesive part after each use.

    Attention for this bra to adhere well :

    • Do not stick it on wet skin
    • Remove cream, oil or perfume from your skin before use.
    • Avoid wearing it if your skin is sensitive or irritated.
    • Do not keep it more than 8 hours in a row.
    • Do not machine wash but hand wash.
    no bra hold breasts without bra support adherent breast support

    Hide your nipples without maintaining the breasts - 3 tips

    1 - nippies

    Available in several shades to match skin color, water and perspiration resistant, they are self-adhesive silicone shells, made from medical adhesive, that hide nipples underneath clothing.


    • In order for these nipple shields to adhere perfectly to the breasts, remove any creams or oils from your breasts.
    • The skin must be perfectly cleansed.
    no bra nipple cover self-adhesive silicone shells

    2 - Sparadraps

    If your breasts don't need to be held, but you don't want your nipples to be guessed, under your clothes, simply cover them with plasters.


    • Do not keep these plasters for too long.
    • Over time, they can become irritating and sometimes even trigger an allergy.
    no bra nipple cover adhesive sparadrap plaster nipple cover

    3 - Clothing

    Without a bra, wearing clothes that are too sticky can become embarrassing.
    So it is possible to hide your breasts under a large cardigan or a large jacket or even wear a stole.

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