How To Clean Suede Shoes

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How to clean suede shoes

How do I clean a pair of suede shoes, boots or boots?  Suede shoes, boots or booties, especially when they are beige or other light colors, attract stains and dirt, or tend to lose their fuzzy side so elegant. Whether it's men's or women's shoes, boots or booties, follow our tips for caring for and cleaning suede or suede shoes.

    Suede shoe cleaning: 3 tips to follow

    1 - Always clean the 2 shoes

    Even if only one suede shoe or boot is dirty or stained, clean the other shoe as well, to avoid any color change.

    2 - Thoroughly clean the shoes

    Even if only a small area of a suede boot or suede shoe is stained, clean both boots or shoes thoroughly, focusing on the stains or dirty areas.

    This way you will not create halos or discoloration on the suede.

    3 - Remove shiny patches

    After stain removal and cleaning of suede shoes shiny patches may form.

    To restore the suede's fluffy appearance, sprinkle it with talcum powder, leave it on for at least an hour, then rub either suede gum or sandpaper over it.

    10 products to effectively clean suede shoes

    1 - Pancake brush

    Routine cleaning of suede shoes is done with a crepe brush.

    2- Warm soapy water + white vinegar

    Prepare a mixture of water and white vinegar in equal parts with a drop of detergent to make the laundry.

    Soak a nail brush with this mixture and then scrub the shoes.

    Wipe them in all directions with a clean cloth and let them dry away from any heat source.

    Brush the suede when it is dry.

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    3 - Magic gum sponge

    Scrub dirty suede shoes with the magic eraser sponge just wet.

    4 - Pencil eraser

    Rub the suede of the shoes with a pencil eraser.

    5 - Steam

    Present the suede shoes for a few moments under the steam of boiling water.

    Once the wet suede brush them vigorously. The suede will then regain a beautiful appearance.     

    6 -White vinegar

    Clean fairly dirty suede shoes with a nail brush impregnated with a solution of 2/3 lukewarm water, 1/3 white vinegar and a drop of dishwashing detergent.     

    Rinse with a wrung out sponge.

    Then wipe dry with a clean cloth.

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    Cleaning greasy suede shoes or boots

    7 - Talc

    Clean suede shoes or boots by sprinkling talcum powder on them.

    Leave it all night long.

    In the morning, brush them!  Boots and shoes will be as good as new.

    8 - Terre de Sommières

    Sprinkle Sommières' suede shoes with earth.

    Rub the dirtiest areas with your index finger.

    Leave them for a whole night.

    In the morning, brush them!  Boots and shoes will be impeccable.

    Cleaning heavily soiled suede shoes or boots

    9 - Ammonia + water + liquid detergent

    Clean very dirty suede shoes or boots by rubbing them gently with a nail brush moistened with an equal mixture of water, a drop of liquid detergent and 3 or 4 drops of ammonia, taking the usual precautions when using this product: open the window, do not breathe the vapours diffused by the ammonia and close the bottle when not in use.

    Dry shoes with a clean cloth, if possible on shoe trees or stuffed with newspaper at the bottom of the shoe.

    Finish cleaning suede shoes by sprinkling talcum powder on them.

    Let the talc work for several hours, then brush gently.

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    Clean the tip of shoes that have been wet.

    - White Vinegar

    Stuff the shoes with paper, then pass a brush impregnated with white vinegar barely diluted on the tip of the shoes.

    Rinse with a sponge.

    Let dry.

    When the shoes are dry.

    Then pass a brush to find the fluffy aspect of the suede.

    Suede shoes tinted with a colored waterproofing agent: 2 cleaning techniques

    - White Vinegar

    Brush the shoes vigorously with a brush soaked in white vinegar.


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    10 -White-spirit

    Hands protected by household gloves, pass over the entire surface of the shoes, insisting on the stains, a rolled cloth pad soaked in White-spirit.

    Rinse with a damp cloth.

    Let dry.

    Then sprinkle with Sommières soil.

    Leave for several hours then dust.

    • Attention : If only one suede shoe or boot is dirty and stained, if you have to clean it, clean the other as well, otherwise they may not be the same color. 

    Shoes on which something has rubbed off


    Stuff the suede shoes or boots with paper so as not to deform them, then pass over the 2 suede boots or shoes and everywhere, a cloth soaked in White-Spirit (in case the product changes the color of the shoes) insisting well on the stains.

    Rinse with a wrung out sponge.

    Leave to dry away from all sources of heat.

    When the suede boots or shoes are dry, brush them in all directions.

    Removing stains from suede shoes

    - Warm soapy water + a drop of white vinegar

    This stain removal technique is ideal for stains of unknown origin.

    Most stains disappear when rubbed with a nail brush moistened with warm soapy water and a drop of white vinegar.

    • Attention : By removing a stain you risk creating halos. The only solution to avoid this problem is to clean the entire shoe right after stain removal. And even if only one shoe is stained, clean the other completely to avoid a possible color difference.

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    Resistant stains

    -Ammonia water

    Clean stains, hands protected by household gloves, with a brush soaked in water by adding 2 drops of ammonia.

    Rinse with a damp cloth.

    Leave to dry away from any heat source.

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    - Talc

    Dry suede shoes, sprinkle them with talcum powder to give them a new youthfulness and their fluffy side.

    Remove the shiny plates on the suede

    - Sandpaper

    Remove these plates from suede boots or shoes by gently rubbing them with sandpaper.

    Choose the finest grain.

    Bad smell on suede

    - Sodium bicarbonate

    Place your shoes or boots on a towel.

    Sprinkle them generously with baking soda, if possible in a thick layer.

    Massage them a little to penetrate the baking soda.

    Leave for at least 12 hours.

    Then brush.

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