How To Grow A Pineapple Step By Step Easy Way

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How To Grow A Pineapple Step By Step Easy Way

How to plant a pineapple and obtain a beautiful plant! Growing a pineapple in water and then in the ground is not complicated, just be patient. Learn all the tricks to transform pineapple leaves into a beautiful plant that may one day give you a beautiful fruit.

    How to grow a pineapple


    - A pineapple

    - Water

    - Fertilizer

    - A pot

    - Soil

    - A glass


    Choose a nice pineapple.

    A beautiful, healthy pineapple has a tuft of firm, green leaves.

    Its skin should be shiny and its smell fresh and sweet.

    The fruit must be ripe to reproduce.

    To find out if the pineapple is ripe, gently pull on a leaf.

    It should not come off easily, if you hold it in your hand, the pineapple is too ripe.

    Also a healthy pineapple must not be invaded by parasites.

    These insects live at the base of the leaves.

    Not all pineapples that are replanted will succeed.

    We therefore advise you to take two pineapples.

    10 steps to grow pineapple

    1 - Remove the crown of leaves

    Separate the leaves from the top of the pineapple with a twist by grasping the body of the pineapple with one hand and the leaves, at the base, with the other hand.

    Thanks to this technique the base of the leaves will remain intact.

    If you can't twist the leaves, slice off the top of the pineapple with a knife, making sure that the place where the leaves all come together remains intact.

    If the base is not intact, the roots will not be able to grow out and the plant will not grow.

    2 - Remove some leaves and fruit residues

    Carefully remove the first row of leaves at the base and the fruit residues.

    By removing leaves at the base and cleaning the stem of fruit residues you will allow it to be well exposed, which will help it to grow roots when planted.

    3 - Dry the pineapple

    Cut off the tip of the leaves and allow the stem to dry for a week to allow the scar to harden.

    4 - Prick the pineapple

    Push a wooden skewer rod into the pineapple.

    5 - Dip the plume in a glass filled with water

    The passage through the water must allow the roots to develop.

    Thanks to the wooden skewer resting on the edge of the glass the pineapple stem, with the leaves outside upwards, will hold itself in the water without being totally submerged.

    6 - Place the glass

    Place it in front of a window in a room that is neither too cold nor too hot.

    Change the water as soon as it becomes cloudy.

    7 - Roots  

    A few days or weeks later small white roots will appear.

    As soon as they have developed so that they can take root, it will be time to plant the pineapple in the ground.

    8 - The pot for the pineapple  

    Fill a fifteen centimeter high pot with potting soil. A potting soil containing at least 30% organic compost is recommended.

    Push the pineapple into the soil by pressing it firmly around the base of the pineapple.

    Avoid putting too much soil on the leaves.

    9 - Placing the pot

    Place the jar in a sunny place. If the weather is nice, and the temperature reaches more than 18°, don't hesitate to take it out.

    To grow pineapple needs sunshine ... and all year round.

    But beware the pineapple is a tropical plant that dies if it is exposed to a temperature below 10°C.

    If the air is too dry, spray the plant regularly. Pineapple needs a warm but humid environment.

    Water the soil regularly, about once a week.

    Lack of water will delay its growth, which is already very long, and too much water is harmful to it.

    10 - Make the plant bloom

    After some time, coming out of the leaves, one or more flowers will appear.

    First in the form of a red cone, then will come a blue flower and if you are lucky, in the heart of the plant there will be fruits.

    It takes six months for the fruits to fully develop.

    Get a beautiful pineapple?

    Why not?

    But know this, the plant must measure 1 meter to 1 meter 20 to give a pineapple of the correct size!

    In a tropical country a pineapple takes 14 to 20 months to grow from planting to harvest.

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