Crazy Side Effects Of Going Vegan

Crazy Side Effects Of Going Vegan

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There are a ton of things that change when you go vegan, your health can change, the way you look can change, your energy can change, your just general outlook on life can change mine definitely did anyway, but a lot of people don’t know that there are some very strange side effects to going vegan.

These tests will determine if you’re allergic to any animal-derived foods.

Things you need to know before you go vegan

They’re not really often talked about and I’ve never seen anyone make a post on it, and these are just things that happen when you go vegan that you don’t expect, because if you’re thinking about going vegan then you needs to know these things.

These tests help determine gastrointestinal issues and their causes.

Getting enough protein?

Your Protein intake suddenly everyone gives a shine, you will notice when you go vegan that everybody suddenly cares about how much Protein you’re getting, they didn’t before but they do now, everyone’s going to ask you but like where do you get your Protein from? it does make you feel really cared about and loved, but cucumber awesome!! I was not a fan of the cucumber I hated how it smell, I hated how it looks, I hated how it the weird texture the watery crunchiness in your mouth, I absolutely despise the stuff, but now since going vegan I bloody love it, I can’t get enough of it I put it in salads I put it in sandwiches, Toby Fair that’s pretty much all I’ll do right now I’m not going to stick it in a smoothie because it makes the whole thing taste, but there are other foods also that I hated before I went vegan and now I can’t bloody get enough of them, and it’s just the strangest thing, so if you if you’re looking to get over some vegetable fears or some fears about eating weird food just go vegan.

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Going vegan can change your life

Going vegan it will just love all the vegan stuff, I’m way better than you!! if you’re reading this and you’re not vegan I’m automatically better than you, ever since I gave up eating animals and drinking their fluids, I automatically became better than you, and that force that I like to metaphorically sit on every now and then Cheers got a little bit higher, but don’t ride horses because that’s not vegan, people seem to think that when you go vegan you automatically turn into a shitty person, no you don’t!! you just suddenly care about animals enough to stop eating them that’s all, if you’ve gone vegan and you’ve turned into a shitty person that’s the person not the fact that they’ve gone vegan.

Blood tests for measuring hormone and other blood levels

Going vegan is automatically healthy

It’s common knowledge that humans have the same physiology as lions and other carnivorous animals, don’t be surprised if you can no longer go out and hunt wild deer with nothing but your bare hands or paws, and those massive canines that you always talk about, they’re gonna have to be put to better use, oh my god a tree if I see a tree I have to hug it, I have to run up to it with open arms and just put my tiny little arms around his massive trunk, just to let everybody know how much I love mother nature, now I’m vegan I’m a full blown hippie and when I’m not out smoking weed, or this there’s literally two birds flying outside my window there’s two pigeons flying outside my window, so when I’m not out hugging trees and smoking weed I’m just chilling at home with some tofu and some tempeh just trying to have a peaceful night.

What about vitamins and minerals?

You will constantly find yourself stranded on a desert island, every time you tell somebody who’s no vegan that you’re vegan they’re going to come back with but what if you were stranded on a desert island and there was only pigs would you eat them? you have to give them an answer and be prepared for a shitstorm when you say “I’d rather die than eat your Pig”, I stink of being false Nicole Arbour was right vegans do smell like bean farms, but how she smelt me in dairy farts, I think I know which one I prefer popping multivitamins all day every day, because you simply cannot get any vitamins or nutrients from fruits and vegetables once you go vegan, but it’s funny that before you go vegan everybody tells you to eat healthy by eating more fruit and once you go vegan you should cut down on the fruit and eat more meat and dairy you just can’t win.

Vitamin lab tests measure levels of various vitamins, and diagnose vitamin deficiencies or excess/overabundance of particular vitamins

What if I slip up and break my vegan streak?

your primal instinct to hunt cows chickens and pigs is gonna drive you crazy, every morning I wake up and I have to prepare myself for the day and tell myself but I’m not going to try and eat a pig’s backside today, eating meat is so natural for us humans.

Blood tests to determine the severity of arthritis and assess inflammation

Farm animals everywhere

Haven’t you noticed how over the past few years as veganism has grown the amount of cows pigs and chickens out on the street has also gone up, and it’s all because of those meddling vegans, less of them are being killed so there’s nowhere for them to go, and you’d think that with all the empty farmland in the UK they could just open some more sanctuaries and give them homes but no they’re just going to take over the world.

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