So maybe you just hooked up with the cute guy at work, and now you’re wondering should I date this guy? well I’ve got eight things you seriously need to consider before you make that decision, so we’ve probably all been around a workplace romance or two, and sure it’s possible that it could work, but I want you to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, let’s get right into those eight things you need to think about before moving forward with this guy.

1 – Coworkers will find out

The first consideration people are gonna find out, what’s the first thing people talk about on Monday morning workplace gossip, so if you slept with this guy people are gonna pick up on that energy you’re making yourself an easy target your coworkers are totally gonna pick up on your guys’s body language when you’re around each other, you might as well assume right now that everyone in the office knows what’s going on.

2 – HR is going to have an opinion

I want you to consider is that HR is going to have an opinion, it might be a good idea to consult your employee handbook because they may even have a policy about dating at the workplace, if they do have a policy you want to tread very carefully, sure and you might be thinking oh well they can’t enforce something that’s off the premises, but now you’re on their radar whether you like it or not you might have an immaculate record at work but now question and doubt have crept in, and if you’re dating a manager or vice versa you’re dating one of your subordinates you better believe they’re gonna be knocking on your door, and when it comes to HR the last thing you want them doing is forcing a transfer on you or this guy to avoid any conflicts of interest it’s getting messy.

3 – Optics are going to matter

When you’re in a workplace romance it is so easy to burn office relationships without even realizing it, and if you work closely with this guy you better believe any hint of favorability is gonna trigger resentment in your coworkers, so if you’re labeled as bringing down office morale by your superiors you may have inadvertently put your job at risk.

4 – You could lose a promotion

Like I said in the beginning you’re making yourself an easy target here, so if you’re up for a promotion the decision-makers may have caught wind of some of that gossip and labeled you as having a poor judgment, not good, so my question is is an office romance really worth risking a career advancement or even a bump and pay?

5 – You’re around each other all day

You have to consider is that you guys are gonna be around each other all the time, if you value your a long time you can kiss that cabacas that is gone, think about it what’s the best part of that initial three-month honeymoon period with a new guy, it’s that excitement of seeing them after you guys have been away for a little bit but now you guys get home after being at work all day together, what do you guys gonna talk about? face workplace romances ruin that mystery with the new guy and the guy can no longer give you the best gift he can give you which is giving you the gift of missing him.

6 – Work competition can get heated

Things can get really tricky when money and power on the line, think about it how is he gonna feel if you win a new account that he thought he deserved, or if you get that sales trip to Hawaii that you all have been competing for all year long or worse yet, what if you both win and everyone else loses, what are your co-workers gonna be saying then winning and losing at work breeds resentment, so just be aware of that.

7 – Jobs change

Do you think you’re both gonna retire from the same company together and move to Florida? you see one of you is going to leave and start something new, and the new job may not even be in the same city it might be across the country, is your relationship going to be strong enough for that kind of change.

8 – Breakup aftermath much worse

The post-breakup is gonna be that much harder, workplace romances tend not to last so the likelihood that you guys will break up is quite high, now think about this imagine having to see your ex every single day, so now your feelings are completely transparent at work everyone knows why you’re moping around, because you just broke up you guys are now forcing your co-workers to take sides which brings a whole nother level of resentment, you’re gonna have no choice but to bring that pain and that energy into the workplace with you every day, my advice stay away.

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